Message to Optimism community from Wintermute

Thanks for your info!
I had wish this could be more transparent DAY One!
If the team can write this letter before the initial airdrop started, things could be different.
We can wait, we did not need to rush
I hope everything will be resolved optimistically
Keep us in loop, thanks again!

It is sincere, but more importantly, it should be disclosed in time when the problem is out of control and the issuance plan should be changed.

Concealing major problems will do great harm to users who continue to support and buy OP during this period.

I will still support the OP and its ecology. I hope that after the baptism of these events, the OP can be more sincere, modest, safe and transparent, and will surely enjoy ecological prosperity.

Where is buy back address?

Although this incident has caused short-term losses to us as staunch holders of $OP, it shows the responsible attitude of the Wintermute team. I hope that the team can continue to contribute to the optimistic future development. Hopefully the attacker will make the right choice: be a white hat hacker, not a criminal!

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It seems that the HODLER who added $OP in the past two days is not very lucky! I am one of them. The $OP in the airdrop was not sold, and a lot of positions were added. As a result, I lost a lot of money in this incident! I was thinking yesterday, with so little $OP in circulation, who is buying at a high price and selling at a loss at a low price? It turned out to be hacker 0 cost arbitrage ~ really hateful!

Thanks so much for your transperacy. This would help a lot.

Hope the last luck belongs to justice and bring back more returns to OP investors

Hey guys, there has been a lot of question regarding the buy back which I have answered in the Optimism Discord. So I’ll re-post what I wrote in there:

We will be purchasing via CEXs. Given we are also the market maker for $OP any price dislocation will be arbed by us on DEXs. This is obviously a tough day for Wintermute and as a consequence the OP community and team. I just want to let the community know that we will not be going anywhere, we will continue to support $OP and its community and fulfil our obligation on both the market making side as well as repurchasing all tokens offloaded from the address we are not in control of


It is hoped that transparency and active responsibility will continue.

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我有点奇怪的就是 ,为什么这个事情今天才说,现在已经是6月9日了。不是五月30日的事情吗?为什么当时不说,这是割了多少韭菜啊

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:100: :100::100::100: this is a fact. I thief was contacted by someone inside


well you are right about lack of transparency from OP team, messing up the airdrop, before bashing at me, remember they had all the time for infra setup, deleting post on this gov portal and now this. Its not looking good at all.

Does anyone knows when did this happened ? before the airdrop was live or after ?

They knew before the airdrop was live

Then, I have one question, why didnt the team deploy a new token contract, stolen token was not live, hence the new one would have invalidated the value of the exploit ? I assume if it leads to delay in airdrop, $20M is worth few hours/day of delay.

Can anyone with more understanding of contract comment on this, was this possible ?


The teams answer to that, is since watermute told them there’s a chance funds were recoverable, they would just continue like nothing happened

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chuckles, I dont know if this is some kind of joke or not.

I see three option:-

  1. Deploy a new contract once the issue was knows as 20M is quite a significant % of released token supply.
  2. Postpone the airdrop until this is sorted.
  3. Make it public and come clean

and they decided to keep it close. Again, to re-iterate I dont want to involve or even encourage price discussion here. OP is gov token and for me, it has the same value at $0.1 or $1

and I dont buy that wintermute told them its recoverable and they agree with them. With brain force that OP team has, If they did not knew in first few hour if its recoverable or not, no one would.


Post the buy back address here so everyone can easy monitor it.


Transparency is vital. Situation unfortunate. Fingers crossed this works Stay Optimistic!!


Love the firm stance on clawing back the funds.

Appreciative of you [Wintermute] coming to the forum and telling the story from your perspective. Seems to be a complex and impressive attack.

We hope the exploiters see this message and act in their best interest.