[Measuring Impact] Data-Driven Content Performance

I think we agree on what needs to happen, but we see things differently when it comes to what these changes need to apply to. I’m all for using quantitative measures to gauge the impact a mission had, but that should be taken into consideration for RPGF, not Missions.

The brief on Token House Missions mentions:

And that’s my response to your comment:

In my thinking, the example you provided should be rewarded as follows:

  • Person A would request less funding through a Mission proposal, but they would receive hefty RPGF
  • Person B would need more funding through their Mission proposal, but they would get less than Person A through RPGF.

In short, we should consider Missions as something complimentary to RPGF that incentivizes people to begin working toward something, while RPGF rewards the impact that something has on the broader ecosystem.

That’s just my opinion and how I understand things tho. I’ve suggested we add that topic to the agenda of the Community Call on Tuesday so we can get more people into the discussion and see where the consensus lies.