Let's talk about Identity in the Citizens' House

This part is interesting! This will boost real participation and involvement in the proposals. But, at the same time, we are not fully dedicated to one thing, we are humans and A LOT of things happen in our lives. We have to be careful in the way we communicate this, if this becomes a standard of the Citizen House.

The point is how do you measure participation? It can’t be only for likes and comments in this forum, because bots can do that

Great topic @yozhik


It might take few minutes but i would suggest personal judgement, I can go and see the user’s past comment and decide. If the user does not agree, s/he can raise the concern and someone else need to validate it which will make final decision.


The questions of granting citizenship (1), revoking it (3) and whether to deny anonymity (title) each merit their own post.

Most of the discussion here is about anti-sybil measures. Do we really need them? If the Citizen House scales to approximately Dunbar’s number - 150 - a manual selection process based on demonstrable contributions should be equally effective.


for initial phase, you are right, it can be done manually but we also need to think about scaling out