Layer2DAO Statement Regarding OPIncubator Grants 4 and 5

I’ve read your post four times and I’m having difficulty connecting your comments to any of the specific questions I asked of @Exosphere. If you are going to respond in place of Exosphere, I’d request that you quote each question in your response and reply to it individually for simplicities sake.

I will remind you that while per Justine no punitive action can/will be taken on the existing misuse of funds from the foundation, whether or not there were or are currently code of conduct violations another matter. Likewise, establishing a record on these open questions will be essential in governance evaluating any further grants from L2DAO, NFTEarth, LFGrow, and their associated teams and members so your response will be much appreciated.

I’ve cleaned up the questions to make them easier to process:

  • Why do you refer to LFGGrow and NFTEarth as two separate entities when they have the same multisigs owners?

  • Can you provide any evidence as to the existence of a LFGGrow DAO? Is there a Discord? Any record of DAO governance? Snapshot votes?

  • Who were the decision makers and signers in moving all funds from the LFGrow multisig to 20 different wallets and for what purpose were they moved?

  • Given it has been documented that L2Earth and LFGGrow have the same multisigs signers and the Layer2DAO team itself has said they control them. Why are you referring to them as “affiliates” if your team (per Weston’s own words) controlled their mutlsigs? Wouldn’t that make them an extension of L2DAO if all granted funds were controlled by L2DAO?

  • To clear up this point, can you please formally document the signers on the L2DAO / NFTEarth / LFGrow multisigs to help us understand the composition of each team / multisig?

  • Can you explain why any payments Weston to cover costs would require funds to be moved through multiple wallets before hitting the Coinbase deposit account used by Weston?

  • Can you explain what costs were required for LFGGrow, a project with no discoverable footprint or product, to expend it’s expend $27,500 OP in such a short time?

  • You mention “compensating developers, AWS, GCP or any off-chain vendor”, but Weston mentions explicitly above these funds were NOT meant to support the “NFTEarth = Exchange”. So what developer costs, AWS costs, and GCP costs did LFGDAO have?

  • Why did wallets connected to NFTEarth developer wallet ryuzaki01.eth receive payouts from both NFTEarth and LFGROW if they were separate entities? Why was NFTEarth team member @milkywave paid by the LFGGrow multisig?

  • Can you explain why only two signers sign multi-sig transactions? And the evidence that suggests they may both be wallets controlled by @0xWeston?

  • Can you explain the purpose and justification for the other activities these wallets engaged in such as: