JiffyScan - Builder Grant - Cycle 11 - Update

Creating this topic to share the updates for Milestone Completion which are detailed in the JiffyScan’s builder grant proposal:

We expect to deliver the milestones well-ahead of the listed deadline. The updates will include the relevant links/or twitter announcements.


Hi Guys,
Would like to share the progress so far. Since 9th March, when the proposal was initially created, we’ve leveraged the help of a freelance developer to build faster and have been able to complete multiple benchmark milestones.

The benchmark milestones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are now done. This means critical milestones 1,2 and 3 are done and live.

We announced the same over Twitter as the milestones were completed.

The new site (can see the metrics here):

Sample UserOp View in OP Mainnet: Jiffy Scan - User Op Explorer

Details of a sample Paymaster on optimism-goerli


We’ve made good progress in the last two months.

Benchmark Milestones completed: 7-9, 11, 13, 14.
Critical Milestones achieved: 4 & 6.

Milestone 7:

Milestone 8 & 9:
You can see token transfers (ERC-20 and ERC-721) for a specific UserOp, when found. You can see a sample here.

Milestones 11, 13:
All transactions for a smart contract wallet can be accessed in a separate tab. You can see one such wallet here for reference.

Milestone 14:
ERC-20 balances for a smart contract wallet are listed along with their present-day $ value if available.

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We’ve completed the all the benchmark/critical milestones proposed.

We’re running the trace-calls on a node and getting details of internal multisend transactions, and token transfers.

You can see this sample transaction in the target field now showing multiple internal actions:

Thankyou for giving us the grant and helping us continue serving the project.

Some stats:
In September (with 3 days pending), we served 17.5k page views to 700 developers building on top of 4337.
Lot of the drive to keep building with no official funding is because of grants and support from this amazing community.


Hello JiffyScan team, thanks for the patience. The milestones committee has reviewed all these milestones and have no concerns. We will be recommending to the foundation to disburse the milestone funding upon the one year lockup. Good job and thanks for the clear communication.

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing the update :slight_smile: