Is here any project on Gaming?

I was curious that is any Gaming project on Optimism. I remember there was one Puzzle kind of game, but nothing else was introduced. I checked the Optimism Apps but did not find any. Any suggestions?


I know Chaintrap is in the making: [FINAL] Chaintrap Builders - Cycle 11

Not Your Keys and EVM runners are also being built in Optimism.

Infinity Keys it’s a puzzle game: Infinity Keys - Build Grant - Cycle 11

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Thanks for the shout out Gonna. Yep, chaintrap is a “deathtrap dungeon” inspired fully on chain game. You can either be a dungeon keeper or a trialist. Dungeon keepers make maps and run the game sessions. Trialists compete to be the first to complete the dungeon. The dungeon keepers lay treats and traps to tempt the trialists to their doom.

For the optimism grant we are focused on the contracts and the infra specific to optimism. We are building out the contracts so that everything you make or win is yours as long as you can keep it :-). We are also looking for ways to make the contracts interoperate with other things that are happening here.

This is our discord if you want more info Polysensus

Thanks for the Infinity Keys shoutout! We are probably the puzzle game thing you saw!

There’s treasure everywhere…

Infinity Keys is a game creation system to easily build and share puzzle games and link to any other connected game. Create missions to find secret codes, engage across socials, and collect digital keys & treasures.

Would love to integrate with all of the games and NFT projects and DefI and education on Optimism!

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Hey I’m Andy form Infinity Keys - let’s see about doing a promotion together to funnel some of our players to Chaintrap!


That would be great, thanks. I really like the simplicity of the infinity keys experience

We will be running a couple game events during the summer at Another World - Growth Experiments - Cycle 11