Infinity Keys - Build Grant - Cycle 11


We elected to use a token-based governance model. This is not drafted in contracts, but rather uses a ve-style locking model for treasure redemption and voting. The original proposal suggested Governor contracts, but this draft provides token utility sinks and faucets that are far more capital efficient and community-aligning.


cc. @v3naru_Curia

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Wow, really good project! :tada::tada:
I think is a good idea to get a massive adoption for people who recently get to know about web3 games.
I just have a question: How do you anticipate the Infinity Keys platform will promote community engagement and collaboration through the “Da Vinci Code”-style challenges and user-generated content creation tools?

Nice to heard about it :red_circle:

Hi @andyboyan, thank you for the updates you’ve shared on the governance contract. Please inform us about any progress on your remaining CMS when possible. I’d like to remind you of the April 18 deadline for completing all critical milestones for cycle 11. An update before this date for the council’s review would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @andyboyan , pinging this up again as we are ~3 weeks away from the deadline - any updates on your milestones progress?

Yes. I am very happy to report that the technical work has been completed.

Any user can login and create a puzzle at the following link:

Any other player can solve the puzzle and claim the NFT on Optimism from the Infinity Keys contract.

The flow looks like this:

  • Creator Gives the Puzzle a name: Example: A Sudden Realization

  • Creator provides a link to an image that serves as the puzzle feature image. Example:

  • Creator Provides a Name for the NFT. Example: A Sudden Realization

  • Creator uploads an image to use as the NFT image. (same image used)

  • Creator moves forward in the creator tools to “Steps”

  • Creator adds text they would like to present to each player in the first “Page” of the puzzle - this is called a story block. Example: Without spaces, what does this meme mean?

  • Creator can add additional Story Blocks

  • Creator adds a passcode required to solve the puzzle. Example: alwayshasbeen

  • Creator adds a Hint. Example: What is the common name for this meme? Enter it without spaces or special characters.

  • Creator adds an image for this particular step in the puzzle

  • Creator has the option to add additional steps (up to 3) including story blocks, passcodes, hints, and images.

  • Creator reviews their puzzle in the Summary tab

  • Creator adds the puzzle to List Publicly, clicks Launch Puzzle

  • The puzzle is deployed, including a free NFT creation (paid for by Infinity Keys) on the contract, resulting in a shareable link to a playable puzzle. Example:
    The final milestone is 125 puzzles created by the community. This milestone can be tracked here:

Thus far we are at 35 puzzles created, with more being added each day (heavier on the weekends). The remainder of the puzzles will be created as users participate, and Optimism supporters help cross-promote the tool.

Question - Do we need to reach 125 created by the April 18th deadline? Or can we safely assume that this goal will be met over time and consider this the final milestone update?

Thanks for the updates, regarding the question - Yes, you will need to complete all the critical milestones before April 18.

Just a reminder, there is still 3 CMS pending for completion:

  • 125 Infinity Keys Challenges created by IK users
  • 20 Optimism projects featured as partners among Infinity Keys challenges
  • Infinity Keys challenges can reference Steam API data (or equivalent) as requirement for challenges

Could you elaborate on your reasoning for proposing this adjustment? Altering the milestones requires the consensus of the entire M&M committee before any changes are formalized.

Changing the Steam milestone is because it no longer matches the specs for questing according to user research.

Frankly, nobody making these quests wants to require particular Steam achievements from other web2 games as part of their own mini games. This feature was proposed as a method to bring more users into the web3 gaming space, but as we tested many game formats, additional requirements like these only make players leave the game and add complexity (and lower completion rates) for creators.

The feature just isn’t wanted (even tho it sounds cool). When we looked at adding this feature, with the team already taking zero pay for multiple months, we made the decision to remove this from the map as it becomes value extraction instead of adding anything to the product.

The other milestones are in very strong progress.


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Thank you for the clarification on the Steam integration milestone. We’ve reviewed this change and approve it, recognizing that the proposal remains aligned with the overall objectives.

Additionally, we’d like to remind you of the pending milestones awaiting completion updates:

  • 125 Infinity Keys Challenges by IK users.
  • 20 Optimism projects as partners within Infinity Keys challenges.

Please continue to keep us informed on your progress.