How Good Are You at Identifying Governance Topics? - Research survey gauging discursive health of DAOs

Hi optimism community!

Answer this survey please :slight_smile:

I am a researcher from the University of Copenhagen looking into political solidarity and the societal possibilities of DAOs. I am working on a project that investigates the discursive health of prominent DAOs based on their governance and political deliberation. If you have a few minutes to answer a brief survey for this research please follow this link:


Details on the survey:

  • All answers are anonymously recorded
  • Most of the survey relies on word-clouds (meaning you dont have to read lengthy texts or questions, just look at the pictures and report whatever comes to mind)

Final words and information about my research:
I really appreciate any responses I may get from the community! Indeed, the research project and my work writ-large takes a hopeful and explorative stance on DAOs by using Machine Anthropology and Digital Social Science methodologies to create tools and an empirical understanding of decentralized governance processes. My larger aim, thus serves to help the decentralized community achieve its longstanding egalitarian goals.

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