Guide to Season 3: Course Correcting

Governance calendar is great, thanks for the call out. I hadn’t noticed that.

One useful add would be the date / time of the snapshot so I can pull any $OP staked back to my wallet.


To me this is all a somewhat related issue. It would be great to find an incentive structure to funnel this un-delegated vote share into the delegates with the best track record.


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@lavande could you add the estimated end date of season 3, please?

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thank for your good work

’ * Delegate Overload: Delegates are overloaded with proposals to vote on, which is leading to lower participation among some top delegates. Placing this level of demand on delegates does not position Token House governance to effectively scale. Ideally, the Token House would infrequently approve high importance decisions and serve as a check on the Citizens’ House. The Token House would not be voting frequently on granular decisions such as individual grant approvals.’

I have argued previously on these forums that the issue here is the tendency for delegates to be delegates across multiple protocols, becoming super delegates of a sort, almost as if it’s a job. When really it should be a quite localised role.


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