Governance Weekly Recap

Governance Recap: Week of November 27, 2023

Hello Optimism Community! Last week was been a hive of activity, featuring in-depth discussions, important delegate updates, and several noteworthy events. Let’s delve into the details:


Special Voting Cycle #16c

  • Canyon Network Upgrade: The community focused on the Canyon Network Upgrade, a pivotal proposal aiming to significantly enhance the network’s performance and scalability. This upgrade represents a major technological advancement, addressing crucial technical challenges to improve the user experience and system efficiency. Community members were encouraged to delve into the proposal’s details and participate actively in shaping the network’s future. Full Proposal and Voting link
  • Security Council Ratification: The ratification vote for the initial members of the Security Council marked a significant stride in bolstering the network’s security governance. This process involves carefully selecting members who will play a crucial role in overseeing and ensuring the network’s security, reflecting the community’s commitment to maintaining a robust and secure ecosystem. Forum | Voting

Forum Discussions

  1. Draft Marketing Council Mission Request: A discussion has been put forward by @gonna.eth for the Marketing Council’s MVP mission, aiming to strategically boost the community’s marketing efforts. The discussion focuses on defining clear objectives and strategies to enhance Optimism’s visibility and outreach. Community input is crucial to refine and finalize this mission. Explore and contribute.
  2. RetroPGF 3 Round 3 Feedback: The community continues to actively engage in providing feedback for the third round of RetroPGF. This thread serves as a vital platform for sharing experiences, suggestions, and observations, helping to shape the future rounds of the funding process. Members are encouraged to participate and share their insights. Join the conversation.
  3. Badgeholder Conflict of Interest Disclosures: A critical ongoing discussion addresses potential conflicts of interest among badgeholders during the RetroPGF Round 3 voting process. This thread is significant for maintaining transparency and ethical standards in community decision-making. Badgeholders are disclosing their affiliations to ensure a fair and unbiased voting process. View the disclosures.
  4. Reported Errors in RetroPGF3 Applications: The community has been proactive in identifying and discussing errors in RetroPGF 3 applications. This thread is essential for ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the application process, with community members playing a key role in reporting and resolving these issues. Discuss and report issues.

Delegate Communications

Several delegates have provided updates this week, highlighting their ongoing initiatives and perspectives:

Delegate Communication thread
@PGov Link
@ScaleWeb3 Link
@GFXlabs Link

Events and Social

  1. Future Citizenship Selection Criteria Discussion: A proposed discussion about the criteria for selecting future citizens of Optimism, focusing on inclusivity, contribution, and community values. The conversation by @maxsemenchuk may help in understanding the ideas for scaling citizenship in the Citizen’s house. Join the debate.
  2. Community Member RFP Suggestions on Tuesday’s Call: An initiative of @sinkas and @kaereste from L2Beat, Community members are invited to propose RFP suggestions. This initiative empowers non-delegate community members to actively participate and contribute to the development of the Season 5 RFPs, currently only top 100 delegates can make RFP suggestions. Learn about the RFP input.
  3. Badgeholders Office Hours on Nov 30: Hosted by @Gonna.Eth, this session provided an opportunity for community members to interact with badgeholders, discuss ongoing projects, and gain insights into governance processes. Details of the session.
  4. 2nd RetroPGF Pitch Games on Nov 25: Organized by @optimystics, this event showcased community projects competing in the RetroPGF. It offered a unique platform for innovators to present their ideas and receive community feedback. Event recap.
  5. Optimism Fractal Meeting: A recent gathering focused on public goods and games within the Optimism ecosystem, fostering collaboration and innovation among community members.

By the Community

  1. RetroList by @Chom: RetroList facilitates badge holders to create lists for RetroPGF3 without having any allocations. This tool is designed to enhance transparency and accessibility within the Optimism ecosystem, allowing for a more streamlined and equitable approach to listing and recognizing projects. Learn more about the project here
  2. QuantumFair - A Raffle Protocol for OP: Developed by @Eagle_Cloak , QuantumFair introduces a novel raffle protocol designed for the Optimism platform. This project exemplifies community-driven innovation, offering a unique and engaging way to participate in the Optimism ecosystem. Learn about QuantumFair.

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