Governance Weekly Recap

Week of March 13, 2023


  1. RetroPGF voting is live until March 23. Here are all the eligible projects. See badgeholder voting rationales and conflict-of-interest disclosures.
  2. Bedrock goes up for voting on the new portal this week — 19:00 GMT on March 23.


[Draft] Upgrade Proposal: Bedrock - v2.

In the Forums

Kromatika is looking for feedback on changing their use of proceeds from a Cycle 6 grant.

Delegate communication thread update from @OPUser.

On Twitter

This week in Optimism

OP Radio #23: The Uncommon Mark Tyneway

In Discord

There’s been a lot of activity in #gov-monitoring recently.

Can edits be made to a grant proposal after the submission deadline has passed?

Governance Calls

:speaking_head: Here’s the recording and recap of last week’s community governance call.

Quick Gov Links: Working Constitution | Operating Manual v0.3 | Voting Portal | Optimism on Boardroom