Gf : phase 1: optimism creative event and education seminar

Project name:

Optimism Creative Dao ( event and education seminar)

Support and Onboard Web2 creatives to web3

Oyeneye Akeem Adelanke
Contact email:
Telegram: boylarkim

L2 recipient address:


Which Voting Cycle are you applying for?:
cycle 11

I confirm that I have read the landing pages for the Builders and Growth Experiments Sub-Committees and that I have determined my proposal is best suited to be reviewed by the Growth Experiments Sub-Committee: [Yes/No]:

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Project Details**
Optimism Creative Dao

What are you building?:

Optimism creative Dao is aims at onboarding creatives in Nigera through physical events and educational seminar.

Why do you believe what you are building is going to succeed?:

There are a whole lot of creatives in Nigeria with no knowledge on optimism and web3 in general. Our goal is to organize educational events for creatives to provide information on how they can leverage fully on optimism network. How they can use the different dapps built on optimism for their creative works

How will receiving a grant enable you to further the mission of maximizing the number of users interacting with Optimism? Please include a step-by-step flow of how you imagine this grant can lead to a greater number of user interactions with Optimism:

Our first step is to create at open call for web3 content creators, with large number of followers, to make informative contents on how users can leverage on optimism, these contents will be highly promoted on all social media platforms

Our second step is to build an active community of creatives and web3 enthusiasts from adverts from contents ,we will provide mentorship for them on all levels, show them how to make Nfts on optimism market place, how to leverage on the various dapps built on optimism

Creative and Educational Seminar
We will be hosting a physical event for creatives in nigeria ,the purpose of this event is to connect physically with creatives and educate them on how to leverage on optimism network. We will also be making Nfts at the event. The attendees of the event will be introduced to our community for mentorship and more learning.

Tell us about the users you plan to target with this grant. Include any defining characteristics that will help you identify and target them.:

Our target is majorly creatives ( muisc, art , poet,) etc, 99% of creatives in nigeria have no knowledge on how to leverage on optimism network. We are creating an interactive community to mentor and educate local creatives on how to leverage on optimism network through our physical events and promotional contents on social media.

How would these users interact with Optimism? For how long?:
By organizing standard events for creatives and providing information and mentoring them on how they can leverage and make income on dapps built on optimism

Provide us with links to any of the following for the project:

Telegram : Telegram: Join Group Chat

Do you have any metrics on the project currently? (TVL, transactions, volume, unique addresses, etc. Optimism metrics preferred; please link to public sources such as Dune Analytics, etc.):


Please link to code audits (if any):

Oyeneye Akeem ( creative artist and community builder )

Olajire Ololade ( Event packager, creative director, artist manager)

Oladebo Ayomide ( musician , social media manager)

Who are your founders?:

Oyeneye Akeem

What makes your team well-suited to carry out the project described in this proposal?

We are a team focused on community building , we have hosted series of physical event for web3 creatives, built different communities in the near ecosystem through our events and competitions

Is this your first Web3 project?:


If not, what else have you built? (Share links, Github repository, or any other useful information.):

Here are some links to some of the events we have hosted for the bear community

Physical event 1

Physical event 2

Music tutorial and educational seminar

Bounty ( call for songwriters )

Smile challenge

Instrumentalists challenge

Music collection

[Smile collection) (

We are building a open source muisc platform, that helps creatives sell their arts and make income from their craft.

Grant Request**

**What is the size of the grant request?
10000 OP

How do you justify the size of the grant?:

We will host 2 physical events with 500 to 1000 attendees.

One on one mentorship of 50 to 150 creatives and educate them on music and arts Nfts ,and leverage on it with optimism networks

Build an strong interactive community of creatives

Create 8 video podcast on how creatives can leverage on optimism network

Roadmap and Distribution Plan**

Describe in discrete steps how you will successfully implement your grant plan:


Host 2 physical events for local creatives in Nigeria

Create 8 to 15 educational video contents with high quality format to include quality information on optimism network and how to leverage on different dapps

How will the OP tokens be distributed? (please include % allocated to different initiatives such as user rewards/marketing/liquidity mining. Please also include a justification as to why each of these initiatives align with the problem statement this proposal is solving. Distribution should not include the sale of any tokens by the grantee or the use of tokens for compensation, protocol expenses, etc. See the no sale rule here ):
We have opened a quest account for Optimismcreative Quest

Over what period of time will the tokens be distributed for each initiative?:

Hosting of 2 physical events : 40%. ( planning will take 8 to 10 weeks)

Creation of video contents
and marketing materials : 15% ( 2weeks)

Mentorship and guidance of 50 creatives ( 5%)
( 1 week)

Marketing of events and video contents: 40%

(8 weeks)

Please provide benchmark milestones for this project. These milestones should guide the Optimism community on the progress of your project throughout your work on the project. Do not use distribution of the grant itself as a milestone:

Our first step is to create educational contents with social media influencers to get traffic on the contents. These contents will contain good information that would attract creatives to the community

We will do a strong publicity campaign at the university of Lagos , nigeria for our event, because this is where 80% of our target audience are. ( students, creatives).

We will market nfts made by creatives in our community, to potential investors. Sales of nfts will keep creatives active in the community for a very long period of time

We will provide daily mentorship and guidance to all creative in our community.

Please define critical milestones for this project. Critical milestones are meant to show good-faith efforts to accomplish the project. Non-completion of these milestones could lead to revocation of remaining grant rewards. Do not use distribution of the grant itself as a milestone:

If the OP tokens are for direct distribution to users, why will incentivized users and liquidity on Optimism remain after incentives dry up?:

Please provide any additional information that will facilitate accountability (smart contracts addresses relevant to the proposal, relevant organizational wallet addresses, etc.):

Here is a link to nfts made by artist in our community

Music NFt store

Smile collection

Optimism Relationship**
Does your project solve a problem for the Optimism ecosystem? If so how?:

We are onboarding and educating local web2 artists to the optimism network

We are solving the problem of low sales and transactions on creatives dapps built on optimism

Why will this solution be a source of growth for the Optimism ecosystem?:

We will increase the number of real users and creatives on the optimism blockchain

We will facilitate NFt sales on the optimism blockchain

Is your project Optimism Native?:



I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the Optimism Foundation to receive this grant: [Yes/No]:


I understand that I will be expected to following the public grant reporting requirements outlined here:




Hey this is Doug from the growth council, throughout the application process, this forum thread will be one of the official means of communication. Please be sure to monitor it for updates over the course of the review period.


Hi Doug, Thank you for the update

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