[GF: Phase 0 Proposal] Rubicon

Thank you for doing this.

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Another Rubicon update:

Today our 135,000 OP airdrop to early traders and liquidity providers went live!

Rubicon Liquidity Rewards (580,000 OP) were the first OP rewards live on the entire network and led to a massive increase in liquidity and trading volume

Our Grants Program (135,000 OP) is actively rewarding contributors to Rubicon and the greater Optimism ecosystem

And 90,000 OP went into the bathOP pool to serve as a reliable liquidity backstop

This means Rubiconโ€™s OP is now fully allocated! We will update this post with Grant milestones and halfway through the Liquidity Rewards program with some more stats!

Thank you for keeping us all in the loop with incentives distribution. Wish others would do the same.

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