[GF: Phase 0 Proposal] Hop Protocol

Even with a lot of criticism, Hop is a great project with powerful tech and hardworking people behind. Hop always puts their users at first. I am an active users, and I know even their core members are so upfront to help every user who encounters problems in their transactions. You can always get someone to help you on their Discord. I use bridge product quite a lot, and none of my transitions ever failed with Hop. After experiencing different bridge products, I realized Hop is the most trustworthy bridge with the easiest UI, lowest fees and most bridge options. I didn’t use Hop chasing airdrop, it is just the best. Don’t judge a project by hearsay, use it yourself. I highly recommend it!

Very good proposal. I love it.

Love HOP! Total support here!

Hop going huge with optimism in future.

Great Ecosystem is building around Optimism

Voted For … Exciting and be Optimistic!!

Hop protocol is one of popular bridge from L1 to L2. I strongly support this proposal.

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Cheaper onboarding to Optimism L2, adoption incentive. I like it.

80% refund for layer 1 gas fees seems a bit much. A 10% Optimism & the rest in Hop tokens would be better for the Optimism community. Offering 80% refund in transaction fees will burn through your OP funding at a far faster rate than at 10%. Offering Hop tokens also incentivizes new Hop holders to participate in Hop governance or liquidity provisioning.

It is a bit concerning that you cannot speak for the upcoming Hop DAO farming incentives. You should have come to a concrete resolution with the Hop community beforehand so that the Optimism Collective would have a full transparent proposal to review.

If the Hop DAO decides to issue Optimism for farming instead of Hop or a substantially higher amount of Optimism vs Hop that would be counterproductive for the Optimism ecosystem.

Since ancient times, you have lost the hearts and minds of the community and started the regressive mode of the blockchain. I will reserve my op vote to vote against you

IMO this is a very fair point. Hop has made a good enough proposal but incentivizing their users with OP and HOP tokens would be a better way for them to distribute their tokens fairly and get new voters at once.

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Support this proposal with Polynyas modifications.

Past experiences has shown that generosity in community participation will return

So good , I agree this propersal…HOP