[GF: Phase 0 Proposal] Connext

Simple UI, good, easy to bridge
kinda lovely bridging Dex dapp ser!

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The sponsor vaults is a lovely idea. I believe it will help retain users on both Op and connext

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good just do it.

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Love this proposal. This totally incentivizes movement of liquidity to optimism. I especially love the gas rebate - when gas prices are high, it is hard for the minnows to unlock their small positions on mainnet. Those minnows are the pioneers so giving them an escape off mainnet adheres to the decentralized/democratized ethos

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Grt proposal and waiting for NEXT

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We posted this to add more clarity:

how to vote this proposal

Great, Thx for that :heart_eyes: It’s the best.

Great condition So good.

good project to connect

Support, Connext is currently the most cool cross-chain project with product UI and functions, but I hope to give users more discounts on the pool fee. Each time, the fees will always be a little more expensive than other cross-chain projects.

Great proposal :rocket: :rocket:Seems a good idea

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best bridge if can lower the fee more…

Nice one Connext! Has always been a pleasure to use this bridge


Great bridge PJ!! Good proposal!!

+1 to the above proposal from Connext, both token allocations make perfect sense.

One thought on;

With the assumption that this proposal passes and tokens are distributed is there any plans to start using them before the DAO goes live? / What is that timeline :star_struck:

Connext my favourute bridge project

Great proposal, hope it works out well. By the way, what is LM

Optimism, Connext, Next will work together very well. I have used Connext and i love how it works so seamlessly especially bridging and liquidity mining. Looking forward to cheaper transactions and more users willing to explore its ecosystems and become loyal users.