[FINAL] RegenScore

Hey friends,
posting the updates for the Milestone 2: Prototype Development and Testing.

Data Analytics

Lawrence is collecting the feedback provided to this and Citizenship criteria topic and will provide info and updates our model. In the meantime here you can find the updated model with attestation taxonomy


  • Improved the logo
  • Designing now the main attestation scenario


We’ve put a demo version on https://regenscore.vercel.app/

Done so far:

  • prototype dapp to fetch score for your wallet or for an arbitrary address
  • basic layout of score calculation backend
  • fetching of stats, currently from etherscan and Allo Indexer API
  • relicensed the repo as AGPLv3 (The Affero was added because our work will be focused on the backend, and we want to make sure that potential derivatives make their source available)

Overall we laid the foundation for a robust data-fetching and calculation backend. We are now working on a strategy for indexing and storing data from the major data sources in a manner that is easily reproducible by anyone with basic software skills, in order to ensure the integrity of our calculations. We are also working with our data engineer to make use of this harvested data in the first scoring algorithm prototype.