Extended ineligibility for future airdrops

Since the date of airdrop, I have been using the apps in this chain. I’ve tried many. I have sold part of the received OP, then bought again, did LP, harvest sometimes and use it to buy OP. Bridged to OP from other blockchains. I am now using optimism more than any other chain. That was the function of the airdrop. It incentivized me to use the existing apps.
I think the airdrop fulfilled its function and I am talking to friends about this network.
Compare it to if I had hold the OPs and would not use the network.

In general, you are probably right. However, if we build such strict rules, it will probably significantly narrow the circle of the Optimism community) in the end, if you consider “not selling tokens” as the main criterion, then I will disappoint you, EVERYONE sells tokens in the cryptosphere, both the team and investors, and DApps developers/partners, it’s just a matter of vesting, quantity and reputation)

It looks like you are a frequent user and this is good for the OP-ecosystem. If someone only interacts with dapps before the airdrop and afterwards never again and sells his tokens he is not contributing positively to the ecosystem

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同意,我建议将 OP 设为只能购买的代币,并禁止通过合同强制出售。 :crazy_face: