Extended ineligibility for future airdrops

I didn’t sell but I provided liquidity, so my OP is now gone.

The proper way to do this is prior to future drop, take a snapshot at X date of:

  1. People’s OP balance
  2. OP/ETH, OP/USDC, other reasonably sized LP positions

If their balance is greater than or equal to their initial drop balance, they qualify for future drop. If lower, should be an Optimism governance vote to slash all their holdings. We should also collaborate with Arbitrum, Polygon, BSC and maybe even Ethereum Mainnet to slash holdings in all their accounts.


tried explaining to my mom how milady is one of the most important projects in history due to the fact that people basically create their own reality online and it will culminate in a real world event that will shock the establishment. needless to say she’s looking forward to it

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Very important and very relevant! Thank you.


Dear Cobie, thanks for the well thought our response. I think a firing squad to punish a few big sellers would be an acceptable event to dissuade other sellers. Please consider. Squad members should be voted on by the community and should be incentivized with OP token as well


Bad proposal and not funny. IMO the entire point of multiple rounds of airdrops was pretty clearly to telegraph that instadumping would have consequences down the line.

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People who sold tokens should be given more tokens because they are contributing, increasing daily active users and testing the chains strength & liquidity. Those that simply hold tokens are not adding value to the network and are instead spending their time complaining about people selling.

I agreed but we can do so much better Cobie,there are some extra steps to compelete this proposal:

  1. Cancel Uniswap for letting ppl trade
  2. Cancel all the CEX eg. Binance/okex/huobi for same reason above
  3. Cancel all the wallet eg. metamask for letting ppl claim
  4. Cancel alchemy for providing RPC
  5. Actually lets launch a nuclear missle and bomb the optimism headquarter in USA or whatever place they are cos they launched the token to let innocent ppl to trade with and lure the worst side of ppl, greedy goblins, the 7 sins. The team deserve to gotta hell.

Now we can build this community stronger than ever.


The best way to engage with a proposal is not to be snarky about it.

If you believe it is a terrible idea, I believe people would like to hear why you think so, not start from the premise that it is stupid and turn it into ridicule.

It might seem obvous to you, but it might not be to other people.

(Disclaimer: I work at OP Labs, this post reflects my own personal opinion and not that of my employer.)


Paying for governing rights. This is the future.

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I volunteer for (gentle) crucifixion if governance decides to go that route. I sold 75% of the airdrop because I wasn’t comfortable having that much exposure to the OP token. I know now this was a huge mistake.

Nevermind the fact that OP price is now higher than what I sold for, I have still sinned and I must be punished.

Non-snark edit: Does it not seem ridiculous to punish trading in this manner? Tokens are meant to be traded, a fair value for the token can never be found if trading doesn’t occur. Selling doesn’t mean you’re anti-Optimism, it just means you sold. When tokens worth potentially thousands of USD show up in your account, you have a responsibility to yourself to manage the risk associated with holding those tokens. Encouraging blind HODL mentality may feel good, but it does a disservice to people who may legitimately need that money, and ultimately it just kicks the selling can down the road until airdrops are over.


What about if the sellers are given a larger amount of Arbitrum tokens! By selling Optimism and making the price go down and chart look bad they are giving free advertising to Arbitrum.

If we want these people to come back to Optimism, maybe we should seed to re-educate these people. Show them why they should want to hold optimism. Perhaps we could give them the second airdrop, but only if they promise not to sell within the first hour. If they instead sell after two hours, this shows an improvement and we are headed in the correct direction :slight_smile:

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I agree with OP post - to add on and for further enforcement :

  1. Halt Optimism chain to prevent anyone from selling OP tokens
  2. Halt Ethereum to prevent any forking of the OP tokens and repeating the airdrop and selling of tokens
  3. Advocate the removal of metamask and any apps thats supports Web3 on major browsers to prevent the selling of OP tokens.
  4. Petition the banning of having a mouse and keyboard on modern computers , on a regulation level to prevent people from ever having physical access to sell OP tokens
  5. Petiton the banning of using computers on a regulation level in case people build their own keyboard and mouse

Proposing eternal damnation for every defector of the Optimism Collective.

OP is light. OP is love. OP is life.

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Ser, have you heard about the citizen house?


@inversebrah get me in lil shid


BigPP DAO expresses our full support for this well thought out proposal.

  • Petition to ban the Internet at all.
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I completely agree with the points made in this proposal.

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I propose the transfer of 20,000,000 OP tokens to a group of young lawyers from non seller backgrounds. This group will be tasked with prosecuting dumpooors in the real world. And promoting good governance or something

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