Enabling $OP as a gas token on Optimism Network!

this is great :gem::bulb: i fully support. :100: have you tried to identify the swot of this? it’s better if there is so we can make strategies to counter any negative factors, etc. anyway, all in all double thumbs up for this!!:+1:t2::+1:t2:

The idea is good but there is one problem who is going to cover the 25% discount? The fee in ETH is used to cover the ETH fees so someone would have to cover this 25%, essentially making this proposal impossible to sustain.

What I would propose though is having Optimism as an option to pay for fees, converting that OP β†’ ETH automatically and paying the fee. The only problem is updating a network that is live brings many large challenges, it would be best as a secondary layer!


First of all, do you think it is a good line of reasoning to say we should do something because other networks do it? None of those other networks you listed are a rollup, so that’s a significant difference. Optimism inherits the security of Ethereum and must pay in ETH for that security. Therefore the transaction fees collected on Optimism should be in ETH.
Secondly, if you are a small token holder, you can delegate your votes to anyone else so that you add to their weight and they represent your opinions. You can put your vote anywhere you want, and see it register within the system. That’s better than you can get anywhere else for the time being.
Thirdly, blockchain governance is not worthless. Some tokens like ETH are designed to accrue value, others are meant for different purposes. OP at this point is for grants and for governance.

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Making it easier to pay for gas in anyway possible is always a good thing because it reduces the slope of the onramp for new users. Very in favor of this.

OP gas is good , and easier to pay

I’m not sure if this is the case. At the moment fees are paid in ether, isn’t it more likely that a new users onboarding to Optimism will already have some ether than some OP?

Yes,agree! should make op more valuable

It is good idea. Please implement it soon.

It’s important to read this. I don’t see any reason to enable OP as a gas token can be a good idea for sustainability. It is better to build something based on reality, not speculation.

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