Empowering RetroPGF3 recipients to hire effectively through JobStash

Hello Optimists and RetroPGF3 recipients,

I’m DuckDegen, the founder of JobStash.xyz, a crypto-native job aggregation platform dedicated to supporting the crypto ecosystem.
With the recent announcement of 501 projects being awarded during RetroPGF3, we recognize the growing need for talent within these projects, especially those with previously limited resources.

Background JobStash was built with the vision of supporting the entire crypto ecosystem. We offer free job listing services exclusively for crypto-native organizations. As these organizations grow, especially within the Optimism ecosystem, the demand for skilled and passionate individuals in various roles increases significantly.

Proposal We propose to make JobStash available to service the Optimism ecosystem as a public good to support this growth. Our platform can serve as a vital resource for these 501 awarded projects and beyond, aiding in their quest to find the right talent and ramp up their operations efficiently, without charging them any fees, and by adding RetroPGF3 visual marks to make them stand out.

Benefits to the Optimism Ecosystem

  1. Free Access to Talent Pool: Projects can list job openings at no cost, tapping into a wide network of professionals passionate about crypto and blockchain.
  2. Streamlined Hiring Process: With our specialized focus on crypto-native roles, we streamline the recruitment process, making it easier for projects to find suitable candidates.
  3. Ecosystem Growth: By aiding in efficient team building, we contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of the Optimism ecosystem.
  4. Community Engagement: JobStash encourages greater community involvement by providing opportunities for community members to actively participate in ecosystem projects.

Implementation Upon consensus that we should move forward, we will:

  • Add a visual tag on JobStash Jobs and Organizations to clearly identify RetroPGF3-related Job Listings and Organizations and add appropriate filtering capabilities
  • Offer personalized support to projects for setting up and managing their listings.
  • Engage with the community through regular updates and feedback sessions.

Call to Action We invite the Optimism community to discuss and provide feedback on this proposal. Your insights are invaluable in ensuring that JobStash aligns perfectly with the ecosystem’s needs.

Conclusion Our commitment at JobStash is to foster growth and innovation within the crypto space. By supporting the Optimism ecosystem and RetroPGF3 recipients, we aim to build a stronger, more interconnected community, driving forward the future of the optimistic vision.

Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to your thoughts and feedback.

Best regards,
Founder, JobStash.xyz


Can I have a link for context, please?

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Hi @Gonna.eth , of course.
The job aggregator is live at https://app.jobstash.xyz and on telegram at @jobstash

If you mean the results of retropgf3, here you go:

Is this what you meant?

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