Edge City W❤️TA Grant Communication Thread!

Hey folks!

Timour from Edge City here. I’m so excited to hear about our successful grant application to bring W❤️TA art to our popup village events! We are so so grateful and honored to receive this grant. Thank you!

I am starting this thread to communicate about how the program is going, and share our takeaways.

The main thing that we’ll focus on for this project is exhibiting W❤️TA contest winners at our events Edge Esmeralda (fka Edge Village), which is a monthlong popup village in June, and our 7-week long popup village in Southeast Asia this fall.

We’ll make sure to share all of this progress and planning on social media as well, and would love support in spreading the message from this community.

For now, I’ll share the key milestones again below, and we’ll be checking in when they are met!


Thank you all so much, and we’ll be in touch soon!

Timour & the Edge City team.