[DRAFT] Upgrade Proposal: Bedrock

Very positive post.
I’m sure based on the reports and info you’ve discussed the community will be happy to wait for the polished release.

…And I hope all the team coped okay from being peer-reviewed by 333 people :sweat_smile: :+1:

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Love to see Bedrock’s impact on overall layer 2 ecosystem!!

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i think this proposal will change the game.Looking forward to follow the progress!!!


I have some questions regarding the planned 4h downtime:

  1. Is it really necessary? Can’t we have an upgrade similar to how hard forks are happening, that from some specific block forward we’ve got a new version handling the chain?
  2. If it is really necessary, how are we going to handle it? Especially in DeFi? 4h is a lot for some protocols that are price sensitive.
  3. How are we going to communicate it? I’m afraid that if it comes as a surprise, we can expect CT go wild with Solana comparisons. :slight_smile:

Prepare for the storm!

Would like to bump this

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A new version of this proposal, marked v2 and linked back to this original, will be posted during the review period of Cycle 11.

Cycle 11 dates

Review period: March 2- March 22
Voting period: March 23- April 5

Stay tuned!