[DRAFT] Upgrade Proposal: Bedrock

This is a proposal for an update that is definitely supported by most of the participants (me too)

Waiting for Bedrock will be is live

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1 Op to 1500$ in this year

Go Optimism, Go Bedrock

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Hello everyone, this is our first post in our efforts to become an Optimism delegate. We are excited to join the community and contribute.

The Bedrock Upgrade will be one of the most influential turning points in Eth scalability and layer 2 networks.

  • The modularity of the proposed stack has the potential to position Optimism as a cornerstone of Layer 2 development. Moreover, the revenue earned from this will go to The Collective and retroactive public goods, furthering our mission of impact = profit.
  • A 2000-line difference from Geth is astonishing and will allow for Ethereum developers to easily transition to Optimism and feel confident doing so. The barrier to entry in porting dApps to Optimism is significantly reduced by this. It also reduces the variance in application maintenance and updates.
  • By enabling multiple transactions to be rolled up into one block, upgrade fees per block can be spread across the transactions and data storage growth will decrease by 15 gb/year. This also reduces deposit confirmation times from 10 minutes to 3 minutes.

Overall, we expect the OP Stack to become a hub of both innovation and commerce, and we are excited by what this means for the growth of The Optimism Collective.

Huge shoutout to all who participated in the design and development of this proposal. We are so excited to see where this takes Optimism!

Henry Hobin, Georgetown Blockchain


Sorry for the silly question, here, but where do we Vote on this Proposal?

Any help or clarification or links from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
@ben-chain Can I ping you here for some direction?

Thanks for your time.

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Wow,I thought this was a simple gas optimization upgrade…boy it’s so much more. A multi chain in a multi chain world is exciting

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Hi @Axel_T - Bedrock has been pushed to Cycle 11

There will be a more detailed update added as a comment to this proposal draft shortly


Great to see Georgetown Blockchain getting involved! You can create a delegate communication thread here to make it easy for delegators to understand how you’ve voted on all proposals :slight_smile:


Thanks @lavande :+1:

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Hey all, I wanted to loop back here and talk about our decision to delay the proposal until next cycle.

At the end of the day, what this decision boils down to is rigor, and the precedent that we need to be setting as a Collective. While we had high hopes for the Sherlock audit competition, the turnout was stronger than anticipated! We had 333 people sign up to participate, and 60 people submitted at least 1 report.

In total, this incredible group of community members submitted 314 unique reports, which break down into:

  • 149 suggestions for improvements on our specifications.
  • 166 reports claiming to identify a bug or vulnerability.

After deduplication, these 166 reports further break down into:

  • 6 high severity findings.
  • 9 medium severity findings.
  • A large number of findings or recommendations which are subjective in nature.

As stated in the initial proposal—the entire point of the Sherlock competition was to leverage the community find things. Our goal is to have all fixes merged into the codebase well in advance of the original go-live date.

At the same time, we haven’t yet open sourced the Sherlock results like we have for the rest of the Bedrock security reviews. At the end of the day—while we’re just as excited about the prospect of the Bedrock upgrade as the community, this is the first ever vote of the Token House in perhaps its most critical area of responsibility. Starting a vote before the community has all the information—and ample time to review it—just isn’t acceptable, and we shouldn’t be setting that standard. Code needs to be frozen.

So, despite our excitement, we decided not to finalize this proposal until all the information is public. Well in advance of next cycle’s discussion period, we’ll be providing a detailed analysis of the Sherlock results, and a new code-frozen release.

Speaking in my personal capacity for a minute, it’s moments like these that make me really appreciate having a governance community holding us accountable. Simply put, it’s a forcing function for rigor—it helps remind me that releases are not a race, but an exercise in polishing. This an all-too-common trap. While I’m sad to see Bedrock pushed out, I’m proud of the precedent being set.


Great explanation, OP :muscle:

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We are relieved actually…
That the best news we could hear in comparison to other scenarios. As long as it doesn’t take as long as the eth 2.0 merger did you’re still shipping faster than most other networks so give yourself some kudos.

People still have no clue what this network is capable of and that is definitely exciting to think about sharing no matter how quick the bedrock update comes !

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There are really exciting developments in the optimism ecosystem… the future is ours…
stay safe and optimistic.

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Very positive post.
I’m sure based on the reports and info you’ve discussed the community will be happy to wait for the polished release.

…And I hope all the team coped okay from being peer-reviewed by 333 people :sweat_smile: :+1:

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Love to see Bedrock’s impact on overall layer 2 ecosystem!!

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i think this proposal will change the game.Looking forward to follow the progress!!!


I have some questions regarding the planned 4h downtime:

  1. Is it really necessary? Can’t we have an upgrade similar to how hard forks are happening, that from some specific block forward we’ve got a new version handling the chain?
  2. If it is really necessary, how are we going to handle it? Especially in DeFi? 4h is a lot for some protocols that are price sensitive.
  3. How are we going to communicate it? I’m afraid that if it comes as a surprise, we can expect CT go wild with Solana comparisons. :slight_smile:

Prepare for the storm!

Would like to bump this

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A new version of this proposal, marked v2 and linked back to this original, will be posted during the review period of Cycle 11.

Cycle 11 dates

Review period: March 2- March 22
Voting period: March 23- April 5

Stay tuned!