[DRAFT] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] ZZ Finance

Hello mate, I guess you missed the reason why I tagged you.

There are allegations against the proposal sent in by Zealous Zombie Finance (ZZF). Pls read the trail of messages. I did send a copy to discord channel gov-general.

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I asked this earlier, but received no response.

What other projects has this team worked on?

In light of the accusations, I’d like to see specific names and specific projects.


Can you put step by step answers of

  1. Why does your documentation is same as MMF , if you forked Pancakeswap?
  2. Why does your NFT art is also similar?
  3. Why does options featured on your home page doesn’t align with roadmap. such as StableSwap? forgot to remove it?
  4. Will you verify all your smart contracts you deploed on goerli to match it with either pancake or mmf?
  5. You mentioned you are MMF investor can you put your previous messages of MMF telegram with timestamp? I am sure you must have raised your voice in TG of MMF

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@Luthor pls can you attend to these questions?

you are right, i missed the context and thought the tag was about proposal. Appreciate the much needed context from you, will go through them now.

  1. It is not the same as MMF. You’re giving MMF too much credit since they forked it too. Can you provide some specific examples? I believe a lot of docs’s description regarding certain fundamental functions will be similar.
  2. You can find more similar art out there.
  3. We are still building, not everything is updated. We have also included a blood bank (lending) that is also not in our roadmap. I don’t get how that relate us to MMF.
  4. It will all match most likely, since we all forked pancake.
  5. We have been all kicked from MMF group for voicing out our concerns.

We do have some pictures of our MSHARE staked in Oasis.

  1. As I mentioned earlier. there is nothing wrong if you are MMF because there is too much coincidence.
    i) Roadmap matches exactly
    ii) Tokenomics of original MMF (500M with 1M for launchpad)
    iii) Your NFT art is with same traits of earings and smiles with same designs?
    iv) Then why does your roadmap or documentation and frontend (extra option) doesn’t match with Pancake
    v) Even your Bot in TG has the same text of MMF?

Attaching screenshots

Why is no team details public (even as anonymous user)?

Also why would you mirror the naming convention of the scam? :man_facepalming:

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No previous project, new team. We were investors just a couple of months ago.

First of all, MMF is not a scam, it is listed on many exchanges, such as Huobi Global

Exchange listings mean nothing.

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Don’t exchanges do censorship work?

There are 1000s of scam tokens on exchanges. Many of them are pay to play. It means nothing.

TVL is huge is success, otherwise it is a scam, is that what you mean?

The scam is the developers draining the wallet.

For example luna did you think it was a scam before?

Just realizing you are an account created just to comment on this proposal. Will not engage further.

So does that mean I’m not a user of the OP?

You are only making this look even more like a scam with your behavior. I’d suggest ceasing.

Most CEXs follow volume and community hype. Huobi listing MMF mean NOTHING! Few of them do due diligence. Why do you think they delist token after listing? Check chat on CMC and see lamentations of MMF investors.

I will advise we thread carefully with ZZF. @Luthor failed to controvert all the allegations raised by @scam_detector.