[DRAFT] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] ZZ Finance

Did you all use the most recent template for this?

A few questions on that I’d like to see answers to:

  • What is the problem statement this proposal hopes to solve for the Optimism ecosystem?
  • How does your proposal offer a value proposition solving the above problem?
  • Why will this solution be a source of growth for the Optimism ecosystem?
    • What previous projects the team has meaningfully contributed to?

Additionally, might be helpful to better understand what makes ZZ Finance different or better than existing AMMs on Optimism.


Hi @theenlightened , @jackanorak
I would like to draw attention to something sinister happening here.

  1. The said Project ZZ.Finance seems to be internal work of MM.Finance team

Some knowledge about MMF team.

  1. They are based on Singapore.
  2. Claim to work with Biswap to implement trader rebates/rewards first on dexes.
  3. Drained Millions of Dollars when launched on Polygon from deployer wallet by saying that they will be launching on exchange starting with Name B.

How they both looks same?

  1. NFTs of both seems to be work of the same designer
  2. Checkout documentation of both platforms. Exact same features.

MM.finance becomes ZZ.finance
MadMeerkat becomes Zealous Zombie https://www.reddit.com/r/MMFinance/comments/uf8s30/personal_take_on_events_and_existing_tokenomics/

MMOptimizer becomes ZZOptimizers

There is nothing wrong in launching on multiple chains. but It should not be by deceiving people.
Want few more coincedence both parties are from Singapore.
Another one?
There NFTs using the same teeth and earring designs which would be only be available with original artist.

I will share more proof soon


The allegation is serious

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@OPUser @Optimism.Goverance @katie @lavande @linda

Hello Folks, can this be looked into?

@scam_detector thanks, I am sure the appropriate folks will look into this.

So scary :slightly_frowning_face:


@Luthor the onus is now on you to controvert this HUGE allegations.

Let me add some more information regarding the similarity between both the platforms.

Let’s understand the chronology.

  1. This was exposed from one of the tweet yesterday
  1. Then after ZZFinance team said they are not the same.

  2. Then after MMF Admin put a post to dish ZZF (to look like its very natural that both are different entity)

  3. ZZF team puts MMF as fudders.

  4. Surprise everyone ZZF tokens will be airdropped to MMF holders :smiley:

  5. Compare frontend designs. Frontend is having options which are not in the roadmap (StableSwap, Limit Order) Just like it was not in MMF Roadmap.


It seems to me that it’s all from Pancake’s UI

MM is forked from Pancake,
Pancake doesn’t have stableswap, niether referral like MMF, and trading rebate like MMF.

MMF UI is not open source then how does ZZF has the same UI?

I appreciate your concern. Our DEX/AMM is forked and modified from Pancake. We never said we made something entirely new and distinct. It was stated in our docs too. And you should know that Pancake was also forked from Uniswap.

UI is also from Pancake

Have you gone through the original allegations? It’s not only about UI. Did you fork MMF too? Just asking.

Regarding all the allegations on MMF Team. We do agree on some of it, it was also mentioned in our medium why we are giving Airdrops to MMF investors. We are ex-MMF investors ourselves that got burned badly by MMF.

But we are NOT the devs behind MMF.

We did not fork MMF. We forked Pancake (DEX/AMM) & Bunny (Vault). Stated in our Docs.

Our DEX/AMM function are fundamentally similar as to all other forks, but we are modifying our Vault functions as described in our proposal.

In your proposal, you omitted information about team members’ details.

“Regarding all the allegations on MMF Team. We do agree on some of it,…”

Pls which and which do you agree with?

The initial liquidity they obtained via launchpad was removed and transferred to a Binance Wallet. MMF Devs claim it was passed through voting, and it was never mentioned again.

I assume that you have forked Pancakeswap and not the MMF.
Here is the documentation of all 3 protocols.

  1. Roadmap - PancakeSwap
  2. Launchpad - MM Finance

Which of looks identical zzfinance docs?

  1. Did you fork original NFT traits images from MMF like Earrings with Tokens symbols?
  2. Smiling teeths with blue color?
  3. Why does deployer wallet doesn’t have any interaction with the wallet which have purchased MMF?
  4. Can you verify all the contracts you deployed on Optimizm goerli testnet and then we can check?

@scam_detector You have no evidence other than speculations because things look similar. There are so many forks out there, are they all MMF?

Unreasonable inference.

If the similarity of the two platforms means that the same team is behind them, then most DEXs are the same team because the interface and content are similar, right?
And then MMF is a member of the pancakeswap team because the interface is similar, right?
That’s really funny lol.

Unless there is direct evidence that ZZF and MMF are the same team, just two similar platforms doesn’t mean anything.
All it means is that ZZF is referencing MMF’s content, but so what? Basically, all projects are like that.

Just DYOR guys.

Hi @theenlightened , I think we are failing as a gov if anyone is feeling scary for seeking feedback. But dont worry, we are looking into each proposal.

This is what you need to do, read through this doc and understand the complete process.

In short, make sure your proposal is assigned to Cycle 8 and you have support of two delegate before the second week of cycle 8. After that one committee will review your proposal and provide their feedback and recommendation.

There are few minor changes I would recommend but overall, a good proposal.

Words from the Team

Zealous Zombie Finance (ZZF) has NO affiliation with Mad Meerkat Finance (MMF). The intention of the airdrop is to help MMF investors out of the mud from bogus MMF operations which cause most of the investors to lose the majority of their funds.

ZZ Finance is initiated by ex-MMF investors, who once wholeheartedly believed in MMF. We went through a rollercoaster of emotions from blind faith, to doubt and finally, disappointment. With every broken promise, we slip further into despair.

We refused to be deceived any further, by lies and broken promises from the MMF Team. With whatever we have left, we want to start afresh and build our own community and help MMF investors find a truly community-driven ecosystem we can all call home.

From our Airdrop Medium. We were ex-MMF investors that lost alot of money in MMF. Our intentions are pure, we only wanted to offer other MMF investors a fresh start.