[DRAFT]GF: Phase 1 Proposal - Community Health insights

I like the idea of having metrics involving DAOs health. I read the rndao report, my takes:

Interviewing 30 individuals seems like a small scope but depends on the DAO size you are researching.

While the talk about DAO units it’s nice, specially for those who never worked on a DAO, for this experiment it’s some how basic in content. I don’t want to disrespect all the work you guys did here. I put myself in a position where if this was the Optimism report you do, I don’t have actionable items to promote engagement, active delegation, marketing actions wtc, I’ll just have an idea of “do DAO units, it works”.

On the other hand I feel you will need to create a baseline study and come back in a month or two, redo the study and check the differences and what did worked and what not.

The OP amount it’s good, and the proposal it’s different from everything we have.

Is the OP distribution, use and accumulation part of your study? Things like this: