Cycle 22 Final Grants roundup

Im writing this as a special thanks you to all the grants council members who were always showing up to the meetings answering questions and guiding us trough the process! this is a win for the OP Ecosystem!:red_circle:


Ok, is there an approximate time frame?

Thanks for your work @Gonna.eth + everyone involved. Appreciate the work and organisation that goes into running such a large grants round.

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I gave you feedback about Conjure as a token of good faith and transparency, aligning with my personal values, even though it is not required by the Grants Council Charter. You are welcome to follow the Code of Conduct and file any report you see fit. Here is the link.

My problems not Code of Conduct my problems that theres no actual info how you are deciding grants in a way anyone can look at. No feedback, clearly scores arent what grants are based on, so what? personal bias and they dont get a grant, even if both meets the obj score and its in budget with no other reason you can give. Still havent seen an actual reason

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