Cycle 19 - Grants Submission Roundup

The Cycle 19 submission has concluded. The heightened interest in building on Optimism it’s clear during the beginning of Season 5. The Council received 314 total Mission Request applications during Cycle 19, surpassing the entire Season 4 with 304 applications.

The future is Optimistic and each application has a reviewer assigned.

This is a new type of roundup report the Grants Council is experimenting with. We are listing all the submissions with the link, grant size, mission request budget, and intent. While many of these applications will probably be left behind during the intake filter and preliminary review, we believe this document can benefit those dedicated to analytics to find out what is on demand, where we need more builders, or where should the budget be more focused given the demand of a mission request. I leave this sort of analysis to the experts and I’m only providing raw data.

If you prefer a Google sheet link is here.