Code of Conduct Council Communication Thread

Hi again @0xWeston

  1. Yes, each CoCC member earns a stipend of 3,000 OP. This is meant to incentivise applications to the Council and be reimbursement for the time dedicated to the Council. For you, and anyone else interested, this period of work has lasted since early December 2023 and will last to May 2024, so the stipend is for about 5 months work. The CoCC usually meets weekly, has discussions in Telegram daily, and has deadlines set by it’s Charter and our own Internal Operating Procedures. This is not to mention dedicating time & resources to understand, review and decide upon all complaints and claims of a breach of the CoCC. You will see from the published Reports we are required to make information public about the cases we have had to look into, and list other tasks & systems we’ve needed to arrange as part of the inaugural Code of Conduct Council (CoCC). So yes, were are compensated with OP, but this does not lead to a conflict of interest, but instead incentivises a higher than would be workload, and help maintains our integrity & independence by knowing we can be self-sufficient and not susceptible to financial inducements.

In regards to your second point, and accountability and member elections:

  • The CoCC is held accountable here on on the Discourse Forum, whether it is your questioning here, or via our published Summary of Enforcement Actions.
  • We are also held accountable in our Office Hours and Discord (but speaking for myself here, I have never really used Discord much so I’m not that active there, but hope other members of the CoCC are).
  • We are held accountable by every one of our final decisions being put up to vote in Agora for veto. That is, after every case decision is made, voting opens up on Agora and the community has the capacity to vote and veto our decision. Ultimately, we are meant to an efficient mechanism to reduce the governance burden on delegates, but we have no power to usurp the decision making authority of delegates and the Token House. We save them time & difficulty by investigating, reviewing and adjudicating every case, but the final decision is still always up to the Token House, and if we go too far off the reservation, then they can just veto our decision.

As for the process of electing CoCC Members:

  • This was done via a Token House Election.
  • You can find more details about all our nominations to be on the CoCC here: Code of Conduct Council Nominations: Season 5 - #8 by Axel_T
  • And you can see the on-chain election results here: Code of Conduct Council: Member Nomin...
  • Our election is only valid for Season 5 and I assume the same process on nominations & elections will occur for Season 6 and beyond. So this further increases accountability to the community. That is, if community members are upset or unsatisfied with our work, actions and behaviour, then they can vote any of us out next Season and vote for individuals who they think can do a better job.

I’m sorry you did not get a response to these questions earlier, as a I said, I’m not very active on Discord, but hopefully the full response here within three hours can suffice.