7th OP Community Governance Call [October 25th @ 10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CET]

Hello everyone,

We have our seventh community governance call scheduled for next Tuesday, October 25th at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CET. I’ll be stepping in to host this time around.

The call is open to anyone in the OP Community to join. Please add topics to the agenda by replying below or messaging me here in Discourse. I’ll post the agenda/slides as we get closer to the call.

Looking forward to it!


Meeting Details:
OP Community Governance Call
Tuesday, October 25 · 1:00 – 2:00pm (ET)
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/qgj-eqht-xki


Thank you for hosting Duncan!!


We’ve heard a lot of requests for analysis on grant distributions to date, so we’d love to share a short presentation on some analysis the team has done on this topic if there is time :slight_smile:


And here’s a link to the draft of the slide deck. If you have anything to add or change, please let me know.

@lavande – see where I slotted in the analysis. Does that work? We can also begin the meeting with it so we can be sure to have time to discuss.


Hi everyone – just bumping this as a reminder that the call is today. If there are any suggested changes or additions to the agenda, tag me here.

Hope to see you all later!


Woop woop! Can’t wait!

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I will be attending :wink:


This is great call + presentation, as a contributor/builder, love the level of data & transparency and the depth of discussion. Thank you for hosting and putting this together!

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Thanks everyone for joining the call today. I found the presentation and discussion especially instructive and helpful. I will post a recap soon; in the meantime, here’s a link to the recording of the the call:


@haonan I’m wondering if you included PoolTogether in your analysis? I’m guessing maybe not because the first grant came from the Foundation.

Regardless, you may want to look at it as a case study as I think the OP incentives were a lot more effective than the ones you are looking at here. Driving $35+ million plus in deposits from currently 19,000+ unique depositors.

I outlined the results in some detail here: PoolTogether Grant Update


velodrome and aave weren’t in there either and I expect massively outpaced the average.

in the video aave is discussed and early reports suggest (tho aren’t definitive) that aave did extraordinarily well.

what I’d love to see, given their data accumulation, is a distribution of results. @haonan is there a way to access raw data used for the insights, or were the cases etc eyeballed from separate dune queries?


RECAP of the call (also recorded).

  1. Governance Fund Dissection. There was a sobering and yet very clarifying presentation by @haonan and @MSilb7 analyzing some key data. It’s worth watching repeatedly. Here are some phrases that stood out:
  • “Overall performance is mixed”
  • “Some of the results may be unpleasant to look at”
  • “Distribution has been slow”
  • “Broadly ineffective”
  • “We can do much much better”

Takeaways to consider during the upcoming Reflection Period: Make the gov fund more nimble, accountable, and clearly scoped.

  1. Snapshot voting issues persist for some delegates. The Foundation is doing an analysis to figure out a “durable solution for the long run.”

  2. OP from grants cannot be sold to fund development or R&D. This violates the “no sale” guidance from the Foundation.

  3. Delegates voting against Governance Committee recommendations: The original intention was to establish a kind of social contract between committees and delegates such that delegates would be comfortable deferring decision-making to the committees. If delegates (whether or not on a Governance Committee) dissent from a committee recommendation, they are expected to provide an explanation. If a dissenting delegate is on a Governance Committee, that explanation is expected to be more robust than otherwise.

  4. Nothing is perfect right now,” but there are “many iterations” ahead of us and “we really need to make sure we are treating each other with respect and empathy through the process,” @bobby said in an eloquent moment of encouragement at the end of the call.

@Michael will be hosting the next call on November 8. Anyone can sign up to host – use this form.


hi @Leighton! the analysis presented only included grants made from the governance fund, since delegates are only making grant decisions coming out of that fund. All Partner Fund grants were excluded, and these grants have been relatively more effective.

I totally agree with you and I also think the protocols should be more transparent and straightforward