Where to stake op?

Where to stake op?It is useless now!


The first airdrop was about two months ago. It’s too early to say “It is useless”, more use cases will come eventually!

Right now you can delegate your tokens to a Delegate and participate in the different proposals of Phase 1 (Voting #2)

You can read more about here :point_down:

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I konw, I have voted!

Add LP and stake in Velodrome is good idea :innocent:

It’s good for those who hold op

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No way to stake, bu lp on velo and uni

I currently have my OP tokens deposited into The Granary

Earning interest while borrowing Usdc against my OP

If you’re happy to stake by way of an LP, Beefy Finance have now launched some sweet OP vaults… c. 65% return on the USDC pair!

Thanks,I mean not lp