We need to talk about undisclosed financial interests

Alright so I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt here 1-2 / 4-6. The language around the conflicts for voting with own proposals vs affiliations/how deep those affiliations are and the scope of the relationship as far as self dealing/personal gains vs the gains of affiliated companies. While yes you do not gain any funds directly companies you have stake/affiliation do which should be treated as the same, but in some contexts this may not be clear and so fine am willing to accept it wasnt malicious. But the loans and the response given is a huge red flag. Effectively the response was, look its business so its private, you dont think it should be disclosed anyway and that you have no idea about any of the details about these deal, effectively the SBF defence
‘‘This is probably the most important thing to mention, and what enabled the projects I founded to apply for a larger percentage of the grants than other teams. I am working with those teams to loan them funds and take the OP that is locked as collateral so that they can have the short term liquidity they need to pay their employees. Honestly, this is a huge risk on my part, but it’s ok, I’m an Optimist. I want all of my teams to work with Optimism. Also I do believe in the long term value of the OP token and am hoping to work with the community to add utility to the OP token, see my comments in Economic Co-design of Gas Fees for the OP Stack for more details on my thoughts here.’’

I dont see any way in which you’d not have any details about these deals, that you have no claim on the collateral of these loans and that they will retain the OP, which having an agreement that says I will loan x USD to you for 12m, at this interest rate to be repaid in USD after selling the OP, or should the OP not be worth the loan value to sell all the OP to repay in USD is no different to, just give me the OP if the values under the loan amount. And saying ‘but we’ll make it and i dont really feel like they should be in the open’ with the context that you’ll disclose aslong as its good for the projects and in their interest. This is in my opinion the core problem and the biggest red flag here because it shows that if you’re not granted approval to do this you’ll do it anyway privately.

‘and there would likely will be a deal with me to get the OP as that would be logical’
This directly goes against you having just said you will not receive their OP allocations.

‘I mean this is really a tough one to navigate. We can abide by this I think, if we can clarify this:’
This makes it even more clear to me that you’re going to do this anyway, saying that you will abide by it you think just says oh well if i dont like it i wont follow this and do it anyway.

This needs to be seen btw with me being the largest supporter of having these tokens be unlocked anyway, because bad actors WILL act in bad faith while honest actors are given hard restrictions that affect them more, effectively rewarding private, effectively malicious and misleading deals that go against the ToC.

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