Transitioning to On-Chain Voting

Sonds great.
It is better than Snapshot.

Yes, I think so.
Yes, I think so.

Looks good :+1: . But snapshot is not the best way.

Great news, in my point of view :+1:

This is wonderful news

Hey everyone! :wave:

Charlie from the Agora team here, wanted to give everyone a quick update. We’re really excited to be nearing the finish line to launch on-chain voting with Optimism.

In preparation for this move, we plan to put up a test proposal and would like to invite anyone in the community to test trial the voting experience and provide us with any feedback or bugs. We want to make sure all wallets are supported.

Look out for an announcement next week. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! I am #zcf9299 on Discord


Great to see a grant recipient contributing to the progression of optimism governance. Look forward to what Agora and @zcf have put together.


Very exciting!
Welcome to the Optimism ecosystem. We look forward to the on chain voting experience.


Hey folks! Dennison from here. Looking forward to this, let us know if we can help in anyway.


good news. very excited about optimism

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Our new Optimism Governance Portal, built by Agora, is live!

All Token House votes will now occur on-chain. Proposals will continue to be routed to the Optimism Foundation for implementation.

A test vote has been implemented and will run until February 16th, ahead of voting for the Bedrock Protocol Upgrade. If you run into any issues during the test vote, let us know!

The Optimism Governance Portal will serve as our delegate registry. There is no need to submit delegate commitments on the forum anymore. If you submitted a commitment w/o an address, please re-register by connecting your wallet at: and following the template listed on the forum: Delegate Commitments

Over time, it will replace the Optimism delegate app as well.

Thanks again to Agora, an Optimism grant recipient, for making this a reality!


i just want to vote,i don’t want to submit delegate profile…
consider not force delegate profile if user don’t want to receive others delegation

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Agora looks very :blush: nice.


Hey folks, congrats!

It will probably take us a few days before we have it up and running on Tally, but excited to see this!

For other voting platforms such as Tally, Boardroom, Sybil and others, will Optimism be making the Delegation statements public as well? Would be great to be able to display those too.

Congrats again to the transition to on-chain governance!


Great to see this transition, hopefully this brings much relief to our previously stuck delegates.


Waiting for this day since long time!
OP ecosystem is growing and for sure we will have all native toolings developed within our ecosystem without any 3rd party dependency.
I would recommand all community to go there and try your first vote on Agora, you will gonna love it.


Lovin it so far !
I am happy to see on chain voting :ballot_box:

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Support it. Stay optimistic!)

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I recently joined Optimism as a Delegate because of this news, onchain voting is more valuable to me than Snapshot voting.

Previous participations in governance and forums give me to my criteria to understand that this type of voting allows to be more realistic and increase the seriousness of the process.

If you would like to stop by and support a new delegate with some experience you can find my profile here.

Delegate | Saludiego201.eth


Really Cool, So now we need to delegate to Agora governance