Tooling Committee: Season 2 Recommendations

We were caught off guard by this voting round. It was totally unclear to us which proposals should be reviewed because they will end up being voted on and thus our recommendations are late.

First round of recommendations:

We are still finalizing responses for Otterspace, Mochi and Socket.

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The committee won’t need a recommendation for Mochi there proposal did not make this voting round.

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The final recommendation for this cycle:

The forums say for Karma that “This proposal is was reviewed by Tooling Committee. You can find committee recommendations below:” Where can we find the recommendation?

Voted no as too much ask for now, happy to revisit.

Posting the first batch of recommendations:

More coming soon.

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Hello all!

As we announced on our discord channel #tooling-committee, we are requesting to add the following proposals to the cycle 8 voting round:

This means that we are working on issuing recommendations for this cycle: Socket, EthernautDAO, Tally Ho, Messari, DefiLlama, Agora and Ambire Wallet.

Waiting for confirmation from governance controllers.

Thank you!


Hey All! I would also add Mochi and EthernautDAO to this list, which have completed review and two formal approvals from stewards + reviews which have been posted below:

They’ve been sitting for a few cycles (I think originally from cycle 5 or 6) and it’d be good to get them through before the season is done.


I don’t see any recommendations for the current vote. Are these in the works?

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Today delivering recommendations for the following proposals:


Hi guys! do we have any recommendations for Messari?

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Thanks for getting these out, I was just going through voting. You had loads this time!


Yeah and they were pretty hard to do and after heated debates had to even abstain from a recommendation for some, pending changes in the proposals.

We need to slow down with the grants and give more time for feedback sessions between delegates and proposers.