Should we pay fees with OP token on Optimism Network?

Why we paying fees with eth if we can do this with op token? It’s a very important utility for op token.

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because OP is an L2, a layer on top of main chain which is Ethereum, which means it must settle the transaction in bulk on main chain which is again ethereum and what do we pay for gas on parent chain, ETH.

One way to do this is, take the fee in $OP on OP chain, pay the free in ETH on main chain and burn equivalent amount on $OP on L2


No it’s pointless to… it’s adding an extra step. I would vote no on making OP a gas token

Because OP strives for ETH equivalency. Therefore, eth is gas. I do, however, wish there was more inherit utility (value) to the OP token to prevent centralized governance. Maybe protocol revenue to the treasury is enough.