SEED Latam - Delegate Communication Thread

Hello all!

This monday we held our 4th Governance Call in Discord to discuss and decide our votes on selection of governance committees for season 2, according to Voting Cycle #5. Following our ethos and role as delegate, we carry out a decision-making process between our collaborators and the community we represent.

Participants: +30 attendees (27 :medal_military:collected; special thanks again to Pacha for the design).
Duration: 1hs 49min. In the last quarter, we had the presence of a Boardroom member, who told us about his work on the project.

Below is a summary of this Governance Call:

Our voting procedure

After a review of each governance committee proposal received, we proceeded with the following format:

  1. At first, we consulted the community on what should be the action of our delegation on our voting decision in the committees that we are part of (Tooling and DeFi - C). Through the discussion process we ratified the following decisions:
  • DeFi Committee [Group C] - we abstain
  • Tooling & Infrastructure Committee [Group A] - we abstain
  1. We now continue to discuss what approach we should follow regarding our voting decision in the DeFi A and DeFi B committees, considering our participation in DeFi C. We received different opinions, reaching consensus on:
  • DeFi Committee [Group A] - we vote for
  • DeFi Committee [Group B] - we abstain
  1. We finalize our voting decisions with the last NFT category committee:
  • NFT Committee [Group A] - we vote for

Our rational

Collaborators and community are aligned with the desire to help Optimism but also ensure that the governance processes are genuine and authentic. In our case, our internal communication ensures that our community members can express their preferences and discuss until a consensus is reached.

Regarding the vote for ourselves, we believe that it is not positive for the governance and leaves a bad signal with respect to the rest of the members of the governance and community who want to give their opinion and decide on our proposals.

Interestingly, as a community working as such since the beginning of Optimism governance, we present a possible option of being able to choose to vote in favor of a DeFi committee that best fits the governance objectives and with a solid proposal, in an attempt to express which committee different from ours is ideal for the role. In this case, the framework shown by committee A plus its members was the preferred option, with respect to committee B, whose framework is not well seen with said system of points explained. Notably, some major contributors considered abstention for all three groups to be a better path.

About the Optimism Foundation recommendation for voting for 1 or 2 committees, we take sides by voting in favor of the NFT committee as well, we truly believe that it is important for governance, and possible incursion into identity topic proposals should be ideal and critical to add experience for future iterations.

Final words

We are excited about the work done so far and to have the collaboration of the Optimism Español initiative to successfully carry out our entire participation process for Season 2. If you are a Spanish speaker and want to join our community, don’t forget to visit our Discord and stay tuned for future calls and updates.