SEED Latam - Delegate Communication Thread

Hello all!

This March 17th we held our 10th Governance Call in Discord to discuss about the RPGF2, the process and voting approach in community.

Participants: +30 attendees (32 :medal_military:collected; special thanks again to Pacha for the design).

Duration: 1hs 53min.


In this occasion we meet to discuss everything about the RPGF 2 and from the participation of SEEDLatam through joxes.eth as bagdeholder. To do this, we cover the following topics:

  • What is RPGF
  • Current scope of RPGF 2
  • Experience of the onboarding and process as bagdeholder
  • How is the voting process
  • Reviewing some projects
  • How to vote in the SEEDLatam poll

We were fortunate to have team members with Spanish-speaking members such as Proof of Integrity, web3beach, ETH México, Bankless DAO & Academy, WakeUp Labs, etc. We reviewed their applications, what they are doing and questions were answered. Very positive discussion.

We launched our snapshot page to experiment with community decision-making. Our snapshot page here.

In this occasion, we decided to grant the decision to allocate 20% of the voting power as bagdeholder for RPGF 2 in the hands of the community. You can check all the details in our voting rationale below. Please read.

We hope that our experience is useful for the collective and we look forward to see the results and what we learned in this round with the rest of the bagdeholders.

Happy Retro!