SEED Latam - Delegate Communication Thread

Hi frens!

This last monday we held our 6th Governance Call in Discord to discuss about our decisions on cycle #7. We continue sharing our experience as delegates and part of governance committees. This call was made just after Devcon week.

Participants: +17. Duration: 2h 12min.

A summary about our performance during Cycle #7

As we said, this cycle happened during Devcon week (particularly during delegate feedback and voting weeks), in this case we work with our contributors to realize our tasks at time, but for example, some final coordination problems caused a delay at delivering all the tooling committee recommendations at time.

Our voting procedure

Continuing with our process explained in previous governance calls, we discussed the present proposals, ratifying once again the one taken into account by the governance committees or expressing our own rationale otherwise.

As result, our vote for cycle #7 has been as follows:

Some notes about our presence on Ethlatam and Devcon

With great joy, members of DeFi LATAM community between Optimism Español and Layer 2 en Español joined forces to have a presence all day in various stands during the Ethlatam event held on October 10 at the same venue prior to the Devcon.

Also, our community participated in the following talks:

A very very special thanks to @NicoProducto (leading Optimism Español), @CryptoChica and rest ethlatam organizers for make it possible and Optimism Foundation for support us.

The rest of Devcon week we were attending EthBogotá, Rollup Day and Devcon, talking at the Optimism booths as well as meeting various governance delegates and our committee team members. We’re very happy that the whole Ethereum community had a great time in our continent, South America.