[REVIEW] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Agora

1. Presentation

We are an officially recognized Tooling Governance Committee, responsible for assessing proposals related to tooling and infrastructure (wallets, bridges etc.).

2- About the project

Agora is a project focused on improving Optimism governance process, targeting highly engaged delegates, large token holders, and funds. It has been already tested within the NounsDAO where it showed promising results. The codebase for what has been built for NounsDAO will be reused and extended to fit Optimism Collective needs.

The proposer presented an extensive plan of how is the team going to approach the development of the project, promising three concrete outcomes:

  1. enabling liquid delegation for Optimism governance, giving more control and flexibility over the token delegation
  2. governance activity feed exposing in one place the history of all the important activities taking place in the governance processes
  3. tools enabling tracking of various project KPI metrics. The scope of this part of the project will be precisely defined during the project based on consultations with Optimism community (delegates, builders, Labs team).

The project will be fully open-sourced within 1 month of receiving the grant, the source code for what had been done for NounsDAO is already open-sourced and published.

3- About the following

The proposal was published on October 22nd asking for 50k OP tokens. The proposer had been engaged in the discussion on the forum and provided extensive explanations.

The project was cataloged as “Tooling” in the Grant category, so as a Tooling committee we’ve taken on the responsibility of issuing a recommendation.

4- About the proposal valuation

  • Added value (good to bad): good. The presented scope of the project is likely to significantly improve the governing process and make it more flexible.
  • Impact or expected usage (high to low): medium. The project will not revolutionize the current process but it’s likely to allow some people to have more control over their delegated votes. Additionally, the project might provide more visibility over the governance process to the less involved members of the Collective.
  • Current Status [Development stage/Open Source?] (early to ready): partially-ready. Most of the codebase seems to be ready as it is already in use in NounsDAO, however, significant adaptations and improvements are within the scope of the proposed project so some development will still be needed, especially in terms of KPI tracking where a 12-week process to come up with a proper solution has been proposed.
  • Expenditure plan and distribution (appropriate to inappropriate): reasonable. The amount requested seems very reasonable given the scope of the project and the value it provides to the Optimism community. The amount of work fully justifies the requested amount, especially since the amount covers some amount of maintenance after delivery as well.
  • Amount requested (high to low): low.

5. KPIs and impact tracking

The proposer promises to provide the solution within 4-6 weeks after grant approval. Moreover, within the “Workstream 3: Research process around KPI tracking” the proposer showed a detailed 12-week plan with specific deliverables after each step.


We believe that the requested amount is fully reasonable given the potential value that the project can provide. As the team has already delivered a similar solution to another DAO we believe that it will be competent enough to provide this solution to the Optimistic ecosystem within the promised timeframe as well.