RetroPGF Round 3 Feedback Thread

Imagine if you didn’t have to put a number behind each project. If you could just signal your preferences with many simple decisions.

  1. You could go to the category you have expertise in,
  2. Two projects come up and you could simply pick the one that is better and do that many times.
  3. You get a ranked list of those projects
  4. You go to another category and repeat
  5. You rank all the categories that you judged against each other.
  6. You are done.

Then the final numbers are determined by an Elo Rating system based on an aggregation of all the data from all the badge holders.

This was the original plan for Pairwise, but we had to retrofit it to work with Lists and that added a lot of complexity, also I wish we could have worked more closely with the RetroPGF crew on categorization, but everything was so rushed.

You can try it out and imagine that flow:

If we went with a system like this, it would be MUCH more scaleable, badge holders could focus on their expertise (I should be judging DAO things, not zk/infra things), and it could even be FUN to submit a ballot!

I hope we can find the support to build it out as an end to end voting system for Optimism or some other use case before the next round so we can show it off and prove the concept.