RetroPGF 3: Application Feedback

Thank you for the feedback!
The responses have made it clear that badgeholders want the application form to include questions on the venture investments that applicants received.

The decision to not include this question in the application form was made because we didn’t consider venture investment as critical to the voting process in RetroPGF. This is explained further in an “Impact = Profit Framework” as part of the badgeholder manual. (Updated with link on Oct 31st)

As the application requirements can not be changed while the process is ongoing, it was not possible to address this feedback during the RetroPGF 3. This will be taken as important feedback for future RetroPGF experiments and will be included in the RetroPGF 3 retrospective.

In future rounds, we will share the application form for feedback before it is finalized.
We’ll be collecting your feedback throughout this entire round and will present a RetroPGF 3 retrospective at the end, like we did for RetroPGF 2.
Thanks for taking part in this continuous experiment, your input is a critical component in the evolution of round design! :sun_with_face: