[READY TO VOTE] Crowdsourcing Useful Verifiable Data

GM @mkultra! I find this Mission very intriguing, but I share some similar thoughts with jackanorak regarding the one-year lock for Builder Grants. You can read more about it here: Collective Grant Policies

Furthermore, while I appreciate the room for creativity, I believe that a Mission Request, being the RFP itself, should provide a more detailed outline of the initiative to be executed. Considering that the Grants Council will review all Mission Applications to select the team(s) to carry out each Mission Request, specificity can greatly assist them in making the right decisions. You can find more information about Mission Requests here: Missions v2: Season 5

In essence, my recommendations are as follows:

  • Make the Mission Request more specific with clear expectations.
  • Adjust the percentage allocation per stage, as the grant will likely be locked for one year (Builder Grants)

Iā€™m glad to see you here and I hope to continue seeing your interesting ideas on this forum. :sparkles: