[Ready] [GF: Phase 1] Rocket Pool

I missed the comment period so won’t make any recommendations, but will support the proposal given the team was responsive to right-sizing the proposal and I generally think Rocketpool is a positive force for the ecosystem / staking as a service offering.

As alluded to by others, it would be great to see future grants more focused on incentives for or marketing of rETH DeFi / general use cases on Optimism so users can earn yield on rETH and do more with the assets (which hopefully drives dedicated users to rETH and to Optimism).


Voted yes - This proposal will drive ecosystem growth. I would prefer if there were matching incentives but I appreciate you reducing the amount requested. Thank you for the well thought out proposal and incorporating feedback!


Access to Ethereum staking on Optimism is essential, and the concession made in $OP requested in lieu of co-incentives is reasonable, easy For. Somewhat unrelated to this proposal, would still like to see some liquidity on Uniswap V3, though.


I’m voting yes on this proposal. I like that Rocket Pool is open source, non-custodial, and already has 1200+ permissionless node operators. I also like that there will at least be a governance vote to potentially provide co-incentives.


Vote: Yes

Rocket pool has a large name and known for being open source and their staking pools. This is a great way to support liquidity in the op ecosystem. The duration of 6 months is a suitable amount of time too.

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I am going to be voting yes on your proposal.


  • took on the feedback from the delegates and adjusted the proposal down to 600k OP tokens
  • Rocketpool is a very good project, that tries to promote decentralized non-custodial staking.
  • opensource


  • Lack of co-incentives, but I find the explanation on the why (no budget for it) sufficient. And really appreciate the transparency.

Voting Yes since Rocket Pool is a quality project and it enables users on Optimism to tap into Eth yield

Value-add: Good
Amount: Okay
Op distribution: Okay
Co-incentives: None

more info given already above in another comment.

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We voted yes on this proposal. The Rocket Pool team is well established, and we believe this proposal will help grow the Optimism ecosystem by making staking more accessible.


Rocket pool’s success is Ethereum’s success. I have voted yes for it.


thats good awsome project

My vote is FOR
I LOVE ROCKET POOL also if this proposal pass I will create a video content that describes how to make some OP by depositing your rETH and WETH into liquidation pools on Optimism. they are helping individuals also Ethereum


Voting: Yes

Currently we see it as reasonable to support initiatives that indirectly diversify the current state of staking options in Ethereum, and Rocket Pool is a good example. Liquidity Bootstrapping is an obvious step and we are grateful that Rocket Pool has taken our considerations into account to adjust the amount requested.

  • Contribution: Positive
  • OP distribution: Appropriate
  • Co-incentives: Not confirmed
  • Impact in LATAM: Neutral

Tips: maintaining rETH liquidity over time in favor of new integrations and use cases is a clear challenge, let us know how we can help (with due pros and cons) in this regard.


Hi fam
Thank you for sharing this :hugs:


  1. Would like to see Rocket Pool gain traction as a competitor to Lido’s sETH as Rocket Pool is much more decentralized as of now. competition is good

  2. Agree that incentivizing rETH will eventually lead to enough liquidity on OP to use as collateral. Additionally OP could become the place to be for taking out rETH loans as liquidity begets liquidity

  3. Hopefully this good faith vote inspires Rocket Pool’s token holders to vote to match incentives



Project quality: High - well known and important protocol trying to break LDO monopoly

Team quality: HIGH

Amount requested: Reasonable

OP distribution: Reasonable - rETH needs deep liquidity to be useful.

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Snapshot vote - passed

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@langers can you provide a Telegram handle or other contact method so the Optimism team can get in touch about paying out this grant! Feel free to comment on this thread, DM, or email justine@optimism.io

Hey @lavande I will give you an email, thanks!

Rocket Pool is without a doubt the single best liquid staking solution for Ethereum. Very happy to see this!

They have a remarkable team, code is opensource so any vulnerabilities are much likely to be discovered and addressed in a dramatically faster form than conpared to projects that choose to keep their source code hidden.

Perhaps more important is that Rocket Pool is also leading the charge on decentralization.

Lido, on the other hand is quite different here, and although I think Lido is still a net positive, if you believe that having 24 validators means they are decentralized; more study on what makes a protcol resistant to censorship is needed.

Rocket Pool will winout in the end in this niche, as the collective drive for freedom enabled by web3 - that can only be attained through real decentralization - is perhaps the most powerful rocket fuel in the world.

Can’t wait to support the Rocket Pool team!!!