[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] BarnBridge

After reading this thread, and looking through the history of the project, I’m more confused than ever. I’m voting Against as the proposal seems to have been changed, hope to see a consolidated one in the future. Also request you to include a background & brief history of the project as it’s relevant information.

Voting No for the reasons given above. Thanks for incorporating early feedback. Looking forward to a finished proposal in the next round.

Re Proposal:

The updated 600K is still a high ask for the size of the project but more reasonable. Seeing the product and DAO on Optimism is nice and some incentives for users to move over make sense too.

We still see a large focus on short-term incentives and at the same time we don’t believe fixed income will be a huge growth driver in the next year(s) - hence, we welcome more building initiatives.

We agree that LPing for Bond-USDC/ETH makes more sense than coupling Bond with OP as it’s most important to make your token accessible through the Optimism network.

General note: Lots of proposals try to move TVL to Optimism which does not equate to growth of the Op ecosystem and economy. Liquidity is definitely one of the keys to jumpstart and run ecosystems but we hope to see differentiated proposals that outline positive effects on Optimism growth.

Barn Bridge didn’t take off during the last bull cycle, I didn’t see if there’s a product-market fit.

I voted against it.


Voting: No

Doing echo of other delegates, editing the proposal invalidates your previous marked as ready; also we think 600k still being a big ask. For now:

  • Contribution: Standard
  • OP distribution: Neutral
  • Co-incentives: Not confirmed
  • Impact in LATAM: Neutral
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I would like to see an updated proposal for a longer terms :star_struck:

Snapshot vote - not-passed

Hey everyone! I saw why this was voted against.

I’ll work on it and improve it next time.

Yeah exactly. I didn’t quite understand the process and know why it was rejected. I also went into the Discord and had conversations.

I’ll come back with a much different proposal for the next round. I appreciate all of the feedback in general on this.


Yes - this has been the general REALLY GOOD reasons I’ve seen this was rejected.

I’ve been heads down launching BarnBridge V2 but I understand where I got this wrong and I’ll do everything to make my 2nd swing better.

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