[READY][GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Bankless Academy v2

@Ovetta Thank you for the feedback! Hope to see you around our community.

@NFThinker, @Gonna.eth, @Benjiming thanks for showing your support.

Hi @katie, that’s correct, the OP would go towards team compensation during and post lesson build!


Well thought-out initiative. Wish you all the best! :+1:


I like your proposal, project which offers a unique area of contribution to the Optimism ecosystem (knowledge), and the requested grant meets the needs.


Isn’t this more suited for RPGF. Knowledge and education by nature is public good, I also see that your website you’re mentioning your project as public good.


Fully onboard with this proposal. If there’s anything in terms of onboarding users web3 needs in general, and L2s in particular, that is education.


First off, Bankless, thank you for on boarding me into Layer 2s in 2021. Much appreciated!

I agree with using the OP to fund internal developement work vs providing direct token incentives to users 100% at this point.

Would you be able to go into a little more detail as to the items you listed as direct benefits to Optimism?

For example what would be involved in the OP specific lesson and would users actually be interacting with OP apps or just learning about them on screen?

How would the Bankless-native onboarding funnel work in general? Once the user is at the end of this funnel what would they have interacted with or been exposed to within the OP ecosystem?

Would the marketing be Bankless promoting OP specific lessons and learnings?


I’m fully in support of this proposal. Bankless Academy has been building a cutting-edge education platform for Web3. Would love to see a deeper integration with OP!! Great work!


Completely agree with the idea

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I’m a team member for Bankless Academy as well, thanks for all the support on here, it’s very encouraging to see the positive response the project has gotten so far!


I want to support every project that tries to educate people about web3, any amount that is requested seems reasonable


Hi @jrocki.eth, great to see the Bankless movement is alive and well on Optimism.
Thank you for your feedback, let’s dive in.

Excellent, reassuring to hear this from within the OP community.

At Bankless Academy we are very focused on balancing wide coverage of general crypto-knowledge with the recommendation of tools that align strongly with Bankless values. Because of this we want to build our ‘Essentials’ lessons - lessons that are supposed to focus on introductory blockchain theory - to focus on general topic theory (in this case Layer 2s), but end with an on-chain quest that interacts with a specific protocol to give the user real-world experience.
At this point in the user journey, the Academy Explorer has come from their native CEX, learned about what it means to go Bankless, set up their first self-custody wallet, covered fundamental blockchain theory, and has learned about the blockchain trilemma and why we want to prioritise decentralisation/security on the base layer. They are approaching our Layer 2 lesson expecting to understand how Ethereum is solving the scalability aspect outlined in the previous lesson, thus it is important that we cover fundamental theory before we try to sell them on a specific ethos/product.

So with this context, to answer your question, we would cover Optimism itself in the final slides of the lesson (what OP offers the user/ecosystem, why we’re sending the user there, and some tips on how to best get involved), and finish with an Optimism quest (perhaps funding their wallet through an OP on-ramp, or bridging from their CEX).

Worth mentioning is that after the L2 lesson, the Explorer is ready to begin branching out into our DeFi, NFT, and DAO lesson branches (under construction), which of course would lead to the user interacting with further platforms/protocols and communities operating on OP.
Our DAO branch aims to cover DAO-specific onboarding, where we could look to create a follow-up lesson, in the future, that allows the user to go beyond basic Optimism usage and delve into a full Optimism governance onboarding experience. We’re currently building one of these for BanklessDAO, where they will be ending the lesson with issuance of an on-chain badge, and membership purchase options.

Here’s what the Optimism community can expect:

  • 3x small class iterative learning sessions where we cover the general topic and the collaborator’s platform/protocol + all marketing this includes.
  • Multiple build announcements via Bankless Academy communication channels.
  • Multiple tweets via @BanklessDAO to its ~59,000 followers.
  • A BanklessDAO newsletter feature - 10,000 regular subscribers, averaging 13,000 views.
  • Multiple announcements in BanklessDAO community calls.
  • OPTIONAL: Twitterspace + AMA with members of the Optimism team, talking specifically about Optimism as an L2 solution.
  • NOTE: Bankless Academy was born out of BanklessDAO, so we do not have direct access to BanklessHQ’s communication channels.

If the Optimism Collective is interested in joining us for a full collaboration build, like our current ‘DEX Aggregators’ lesson build with 1inch, the lesson build would receive heavily amplified marketing exposure. Lessons built with involvement from a well-known team tend to attract increased hype and legitimacy. This collaboration option requires the availability of an Optimism subject-matter expert who joins our team to:

  • interact with our learners in the 3x small class iterative learning sessions used to identify learning bottlenecks,
  • join an Academy/Optimism Twitterspace, and text AMA event hosted on our gm.xyz community.

I hope this answers your questions! Please let me know if I can provide more information.


Hi @OPUser, yes we definitely aim to operate Bankless Academy as a public good. While I understand there will be more appropriate channels for public goods funding at Optimism in the future, we plan to begin building our L2 lesson within the next month and I understand that RPGF is not yet active.


Yes, you are right and I am super excited about Citizen house and wish to see the first batch in action in coming months.

Although we have a dedicated funding on public good, we can be little flexible when reviewing an edge case proposal and this also was discussed quite a lot in the past.

You have a huge user base, content you create help users understand the settlement layer along with overall web3 space. But in my opinion, for a proposal to be considered as an edge case it must be focused only on Optimism chain.


@OPUser it is reassuring to hear that there are paths available for projects with alternative value propositions!

I would like to address the concern around Optimism exclusivity.

Our Layer 2 lesson is planned to follow the same structure of our Layer 1 lesson, where we cover the many varieties of L1s before focusing in on Ethereum.

In our L2 follow-up, the lesson would reference both Optimism and alternative L2 solutions for comparison sake in the theory section. We would outline the trade-offs each L2 is making through their tech choice, and include references to the culture/principles underlying each.
The Optimism-focused section in the closing half then explains why we believe Optimism aligns most closely with Bankless values. We would cover some key information to provoke curiosity around the various parts of the Optimism ecosystem, and end with an Optimism on-chain quest that rewards the user for beginning their Optimism L2 journey.

In our team’s opinion, a lesson collaboration that covers fundamental blockchain theory and solution comparisons, followed by with an individual recommendation + information to get started + on-chain interaction makes for a stronger user experience than a fully sponsored lesson that omits surrounding information. We believe that helping the user build fundamental context around our recommendations and the areas of exploration we present builds a stronger and more sustainable ecosystem culture for everyone.

With the weekly cycle deadline approaching this afternoon I would like to move this proposal from [Draft] to [Review] by OP delegates. We welcome non-delegates to continue the conversation.

Feedback summary:

  • We have responded to questions regarding level of Optimism focus in the lesson by providing a breakdown of lesson content party exposure.
  • There were requests to detail planned marketing events, to which we have responded with a complete list of planned events.
  • Our team has split its build approach into two parts, to account for collaboration availability for the Optimism Collective:
    1 - Our team manages lesson production, handling marketing events entirely on our end.
    2 (OPTIONAL) - We invite the Optimism Collective to assign a team member to be our L2 subject-matter specialist, joining our Iterative Learning Sessions to teach Academy users, identify their learning bottlenecks, and refine the lesson content. The subject-matter specialist is also invited to both a Twitterspace event and a text AMA event, focusing on the collaborator’s story, L2 technology, and the lesson build process.
  • While it appears that our proposal might be more suited for RPGF when available, we would like to request consideration as an edge-case proposal to begin building our collaboration lesson in the immediate future.
  • We have responded to questions regarding internal distribution of requested funds, explaining that this grant would have ~50% allocated towards the lesson build (as contributor compensation), and ~50% allocated to the Bankless Academy treasury.

I am 100% for allowing this funding proposal to move through this pipeline. It’s well put together, every question was answered, and elaborated on.

This proposal has the potential to generate a very high ROI. In addition, the risk is limited given the relatively small amount of $OP requested.

Personally, I think if Optimism is to win the L2 wars we need to find more proposals like this: low initial investment, potential outsized returns

Additionally there is time this week is actually still community feedback week:


I like this proposal

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Ah pardon me, I misunderstood the cycle process. It looks like delegate feedback begins Sept 15th.

Thank you for your support!


Thanks for the proposal! If you plan to have this reviewed in Voting Cycle 6, can you please specify which committee should review your proposal (NFTs and Gaming, Tooling, or DeFi) under the grant category field in the updated proposal template for Cycle 6?

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Hi @lavande,

I have added the following to the main proposal post:

Grant category:

We missed this update. Are you expecting the entire grant to be updated to the linked format, or do you just want to see this edit?

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