[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Cycle 3 Proposal] Infinity Wallet

I agree with this proposal and I actually use Infinity Wallet daily, I switched to it around 2-3 months ago after I was recommended it by multiple people. Provides a very unique and professional experience compared to other wallets in the space.

Can’t wait to see Optimism added so I can remove all extension wallets finally!

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I would like to know where you get billions of transactions for Argent, it has just over 100k downloads which probably translates to 15k active users :rofl:

As for MM it has billions of transactions as nearly every crypto platform promotes them, this does not mean its any good. MM is actually one of the worst wallets I have used and I have tried many to find a decent wallet over the years. MM is not made for general users it has no focus on UX, really bad UI, lacks any functionality. I was recommending it the past year to friends because it was really the only solution on the market that I knew of at the time, but many people I was getting into crypto had major issues using it.

I think overall a OP + IW partnership would be great for long term adoption of OP

Hello William,

Unlike browser extension wallets, Infinity Wallet is a Desktop wallet that has a user-first approach in all aspects. We aim to make the complete experience, from onboarding to a chain, accessing DeFi, to use of its tokens and DApps as easy and intuitive as possible. We believe this proposal can bring many benefits to Optimism in this regard, for ease of access and usability of the entire Optimism ecosystem, opening it up to all users regardless of their technical ability.

Please try Infinity Wallet for yourself, or view our Browser-less DApps video and documentation provided in the proposal, for a more in-depth look into the innovation we are bringing to the space.

Airdrop to 150000 address would be amazing lol

This has been one of the few interesting proposals so far. Curious around if you can provide a dune dashboard or something to verify the data? Also do you have retention metrics at all from a cohort perspective + WAU/MAUs + any other relevant metrics?

I’m leaning towards voting a yes for this but want to see the information first

Voted for you guys!

Although I am guessing Optimism are going to need to relaunch your vote on snapshot.org since it states “This proposal HAS NOT been approved as ready for vote by a delegate” when OPUser stated he supported you Voting Cycle #2: Roundup - #17 by OPUser. I guess that will most likely not help in others supporting the proposal either due to the mistake @ben-chain made. GL

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they might consider it but even if they didnt, this can easily go to next phase. I think mistake was make on all side, I didnt mention my support with specific key words, @InfinityWallet didnt cross check or did the validation on their behalf.
Learning opportunity for all of us.

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Made a suggestion here Voting Cycle #2: Roundup - #29 by cryptouser42 that could help in future rounds. Also there seems to be some projects totally missing from the vote. I think proposals should only be put for vote if explicit confirmation of support from a delegator.

Hello Tongnk,

Regarding relevant metrics that are publicly available they have been provided in the proposal:

  • 150,000+ users
  • 600,000+ transactions this year
  • $400,000,000+ held by users as of May
  • 18 chains supported (including optimism in the next major release)

These stats are currently only for desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux). Once we launch Infinity Wallet Mobile we expect to grow and onboard a much larger userbase.

As for a Dune dashboard, Infinity Wallet is an EOA wallet without a specific contract used, so there is no way for Dune to track data of the Infinity Wallet. You could check our website traffic, which although is not proof of users, may give you a general idea. We have had recently around 120,000 unique visits a month in the current market, and although similarweb is not 100% accurate, it is close to the number of visits we have in our internal analytics. infinitywallet.io Traffic Analytics & Market Share | Similarweb

We are also supported across almost every project via Wallet Connect on desktop, and are working with many top chains on supporting their ecosystems directly in the Infinity Wallet, as well as selected in the BNB MVB IV, and voted top 10 project by KCC.


Most of these metrics look like vanity metrics and don’t really give the underlying usage. Some examples:

  • What do DAUs look like?
  • What’s the median wallet value?
  • What’s the avg daily tx value?

We only have aggregated data / overall figures, as we provide users with a high degree of privacy. Regarding the metrics you have asked, you can use the existing metrics provided publicly to get a rough estimate of some derived metrics:

Avg wallet value (total value held / wallet users) ≈ $2,666

Avg daily transactions (transactions this year / days passed this year) ≈ 3,900 (Note: this does not include DApp interactions)

The core metrics provided are only to give a rough insight into usage for a general understanding of the userbase. The data is up to the end of May, and has been rounded down to 1 or 2 significant figures.


Voted for IW with the small amount of OP I have :rofl: Shame someone with 400k OP voted NO clearly they didnt do much research or know how big IW is in the space xD

Voted: Yes


  1. 80% of requested fund is either going to DApps dev on Op Chain or to project intergrating the wallet, we need more project/DApps integration, hence voted yes.

Wallet market is crowded, apart from that I dont see any.

Now, I am requesting your feedback on these of my ideas. Feedback is two-way approach, you help us and we help you.

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The 400k was the guy above you @tongnk. I think he wanted their inside information which realistically no platform is ever going to share their full metrics public due to possible competitors, private information or even company policies.

They provided the general stats all platforms should be required to provide which some have not and I am actually surprised they provided him with additional information as it was a far reach from him!

This is another reason why there needs to be a oversight committee to improve voting/governance on proposals, since delegators can essentially force projects into providing inside information and if they dont provide then be threatened with a NO. Some delegators might be competitors to these projects or support another project and only after the inside information.

Example @tongnk on the PERP proposal for 9,000,000 OP was asked to provide additional information/metrics and never did! I am guessing most likely due to the same reasons I commented above why most projects will be reluctant to provide additional metrics publicly!

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I will be voting Yes for Infinity Wallet.

Mainly because I am a user of the platform and would like to see Optimism ecosystem supported :smiley:. Though the main reason is because it’s the only platform I know of in the market delivering such a platform of high quality. I believe they will play a large role in driving crypto & defi mass adoption over the long term.

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As a user of Infinity Wallet I don’t really agree with this Con for Infinity Wallet:

You are correct that the market is crowded with wallets on Mobile and even Browser Extensions, but Infinity Wallet is a Desktop wallet and there is not many of them. In fact I believe it’s the only wallet I know of it’s kind on Desktop, which is providing full access to web3 directly within the wallet, along with many other unique things they have.

The current wallet market for mobile and browser extensions is saturated mainly because the majority of wallets are just all the same thing cloning each other with little innovation, with most lacking in nearly everything, providing a terrible user experience, unprofessional and old user interfaces, lacking in providing a variety of services and literally no user support.

If you look at the market and search for quality wallets you will be lucky if you can find more than 5 wallets at best. Yes the market for mobile and browser extensions may be crowded, but the problem is that it’s with a lot of low quality projects that won’t be around for the long term. It’s the exact same issue with DeFi where majority of projects are just cloning each other. This market needs to focus more on funding the projects that are driving innovation and providing quality for long term mass adoption of the space.

This is why I love using the Infinity Wallet, their team has a clear focus on the long term to drive adoption and is always bringing new developments. They provide a range of unique services, one of the best user interfaces in the market and provide the best user experience. Also they are the only platform I know that has live support on a decentralized wallet and they have helped me on a couple of occasions. Live support in the Defi space will make a massive difference on the overall user experience and make users more comfortable in using Defi or entering the space.

Note: When I contacted their live support it was related to some DApps I was trying to use via their wallet, because the DApps didn’t have support of their own I contacted the Infinity Wallet live support and they were very helpful in providing support for a platform they didn’t even operate.

At the moment I am currently using Trust Wallet on mobile and Infinity Wallet on Desktop. I am really looking forward to when they release mobile so I can switch over to something far better, from the sneak peaks they shared a while back it looked to be one of the best designed mobile platforms I have seen in the fintech and crypto space.

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Well here goes an example of a project knocking it out of the ball park! Solana Mobile debuts Saga, a flagship Android phone for web3 I don’t see this project doing that. And here goes more buzz that they crated. Solana Saga Is a Fancy Android Phone for Crypto Traders - CNET
Solana is making a crypto phone with help from former Essential engineers - The Verge

This proposal fits into Gov Fund Phase 1 but the proposal is not convincing: Voting No

Value-add: Okay - many bigger wallets are also supporting Op
Amount: Ok
Op distribution: Bad
Co-incentives: None

This funding round’s goal is primarily in increasing liquidity and users on Optimism. Top Wallets can definitely help with that. We are not fully convinced that Infinity Wallet can add significant value based on this proposal & the market share. We are not very supportive of funding internal development or an airdrop - as that does not help growing the Optimism ecosystem in the long-term but might rather have negative consequences. Incentivization of developers sounds good but is very broad in the proposal. Looking forward to a more detailed, long-term sustainable proposal in one of the next Phases.

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Yes Infinity Wallet. Best wallet on desktop will bring large users to OP and Binance has tweeted about them some times that how I got to know about them

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@ScaleWeb3 I am reading your replies all over the forum and I am trying to understand how you evaluate projects since it looks like you don’t base your replies on the project and show little research on projects.

It looks like you look at what sector the project is in and based your opinion on that rather then the project its self.