[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Cycle 3 Proposal] Infinity Wallet

Thank you for taking your time to answer all the comments.

Few points:-

  1. are you already live on OP chain?
  2. Number of addresses mentioned is total address combined from all supported chains ?
  3. Will you be able to provide a quarterly/monthly report on distribution of the funds, verifiable on chain ?
  4. can you share past wallet volume metric, monthly/yearly
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Hello OPUser, to answer your points:

1- We have already begun integration of Optimism and it will be available in our next major update. We have also begun to collaborate with some DApps deployed on Optimism, that are pending our Optimism support for integration such as Perpetual Protocol.

2- The 150,000+ users mentioned are the individuals using the wallet. Each user can have multiple wallets/addresses across multiple chains.

3- The proposal address has been provided publicly, allowing all to see the recipients of any airdrops or integration rewards. Every Optimism DApp integrated will be publicly announced to bring additional awareness, and allowing anyone to follow the progress.

4- I am not quite sure what you mean by wallet volume, however there is over $400,000,000 held by users as of May.

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Thank you again for providing a detailed feedback.
Point 2 and 4 is an awesome number.

Obviously, I can check the address as its public and see where its going but from your proposal,

  • 40% for Optimism DApp developers who build on Optimism and integrate with Infinity Wallet;
  • 40% for ongoing development support of Optimism into new features/services and continued DApp integrations;

Those 80% will not be distributed daily, those will be given out to App integration and Dev which will be monthly or fortnight event, second even if the data is there on the chain, how would i know which is going to dev/airdrop/integration.

I am not asking you to document distribution of rewards(20% Optimism marketing campaigns) as its too much of work but I do believe documentation rest 80% is quite easy and wont take much of your time.

Again, this is not requirement from OP gov, this is from my side and I respect your decision if you decline this.

Overall a good proposal.

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Thank you for going over the proposal.

Regarding your last point, it may make sense to split the amounts for the different purposes between 3 different wallets, to be able to distinguish where they are going to between “dev/airdrop/integration”.

nah…three address will make things complicated and it wont help either because on the transaction I can only see how much token was transferred.
Let say, for discussion, you are giving 1000, 5000 and 7000OP from integration funding to three project A. B and C, now on-chain i see those transaction but how would i know which address belong to A, B and C.

I think integration and dev distribution would be easy to track as i dont see number of integration going beyond 100 during first quarter, which means you need to maintain a record of only 100 transaction.

i know its an added work but i would recommend you do, if you are not planning on making this public, nonetheless.

For airdrop, I wont recommend doing so as there number of transaction might go beyond 100K.

Again, just a suggestion and its up to you, I will bring this to OP Team so that may we can make this mandatory from next phase. I read that they are planning to do chain analysis on all the passed proposal, to see where the funds are going, from their side but I am not how detailed it would be and if they will make this public or not.

We would be keeping internal records of all distributions. However, I don’t think identifying who owns what addresses publicly would be welcomed, instead we could share with the OP team if required.


I was so focused on accountability of funds that I forgot the privacy part. You are right, that is indeed not a valid suggestion but I am glad that at least you, as a team, is planning on keeping a ledger. I will try to work on chain analysis then :wink:


We appreciate everyone’s feedback/suggestions on the proposal. Does anyone else have any questions or suggestions before we set the proposal to ready?


I downloaded your app yesterday to try it and I really like how you have dapps in your wallet to make the experience so much better on the pc. Will definitely be using you guys full time and ditching MM when your supporting OP and dapps

Overall your proposal looks good!

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I have had little more thought about your amount and was thinking you should maybe increase the request amount to make sure you can attract dapps. If OP continues to drop your request could be too little.

At the same time I would suggest maybe reducing the airdrop amount and increasing dapps and developer support to be (15%, 45%, 40%)

Thank you for your suggestions and feedback everyone, we have incorporated some of them into the proposal.

Why should optimism give funds to a minor wallet provider?

Metamask and Argent and others are building Layer 2 wallet tech, and they handle billions in transactions.

What real benefit does this proposal provide?

I’ve used their product and think they will do alot of good for OP in time.

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I agree with this proposal and I actually use Infinity Wallet daily, I switched to it around 2-3 months ago after I was recommended it by multiple people. Provides a very unique and professional experience compared to other wallets in the space.

Can’t wait to see Optimism added so I can remove all extension wallets finally!

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I would like to know where you get billions of transactions for Argent, it has just over 100k downloads which probably translates to 15k active users :rofl:

As for MM it has billions of transactions as nearly every crypto platform promotes them, this does not mean its any good. MM is actually one of the worst wallets I have used and I have tried many to find a decent wallet over the years. MM is not made for general users it has no focus on UX, really bad UI, lacks any functionality. I was recommending it the past year to friends because it was really the only solution on the market that I knew of at the time, but many people I was getting into crypto had major issues using it.

I think overall a OP + IW partnership would be great for long term adoption of OP

Hello William,

Unlike browser extension wallets, Infinity Wallet is a Desktop wallet that has a user-first approach in all aspects. We aim to make the complete experience, from onboarding to a chain, accessing DeFi, to use of its tokens and DApps as easy and intuitive as possible. We believe this proposal can bring many benefits to Optimism in this regard, for ease of access and usability of the entire Optimism ecosystem, opening it up to all users regardless of their technical ability.

Please try Infinity Wallet for yourself, or view our Browser-less DApps video and documentation provided in the proposal, for a more in-depth look into the innovation we are bringing to the space.

Airdrop to 150000 address would be amazing lol

This has been one of the few interesting proposals so far. Curious around if you can provide a dune dashboard or something to verify the data? Also do you have retention metrics at all from a cohort perspective + WAU/MAUs + any other relevant metrics?

I’m leaning towards voting a yes for this but want to see the information first

Voted for you guys!

Although I am guessing Optimism are going to need to relaunch your vote on snapshot.org since it states “This proposal HAS NOT been approved as ready for vote by a delegate” when OPUser stated he supported you Voting Cycle #2: Roundup - #17 by OPUser. I guess that will most likely not help in others supporting the proposal either due to the mistake @ben-chain made. GL

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they might consider it but even if they didnt, this can easily go to next phase. I think mistake was make on all side, I didnt mention my support with specific key words, @InfinityWallet didnt cross check or did the validation on their behalf.
Learning opportunity for all of us.

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