[READY] [GF: Phase 1] Atlantis World onboarding 50,000+ real people into Optimism

gm everyone, wanted to share an important milestone we’ve achieved - helping launch first-ever government, nation-wide web3 edu course in Ukraine - officially led by The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. the goal is to make half of Ukrainian population (20m+) crypto-literate by 2030, onboarding 300k Ukrainians in web3 within the first year!

20k+ students are enrolling in the course since the yesterday’s launch, hosted on Diia (Education) platform with 18m+ verified Ukrainains (Diia - Wikipedia)

post from Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine & Minister @ The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine ft. Optimism:

official course page ft. Optimism as core partner + OP native course materials (L2, optimistic rollups, OP Stack, public goods & RPGF) - Дія.Освіта

soon, leading UA universities will invite their students to participate in the course. how exciting!

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