Premia x Socket Optimism Campaign

Hello my optimistic frens! Cross posting this from [DRAFT][GF: Phase 1 Proposal] Premia - #11 by dk3
I want to make sure everyone doesn’t skip over so they can take part!


Premia has partnered with Socket and Layer3 to onboard the next generation of DeFi users to Optimism and options. Users can participate in the Socket x Premia Quest on Layer3 to learn about Socket, Optimism, and Premia while acquainting themselves with on-chain options and cross-chain bridges. Additionally users can earn time-limited NFTs and OP tokens. At the end of the event, Premia will randomly choose 2000 wallets that completed the quest to receive up to 15 OP tokens as a rebate for purchasing OP call options.


Premia Finance is a decentralized options protocol that revolutionizes market-driven pricing and capital-efficient returns. We believe that DeFi should be accessible to all, and thus, part of our mission is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to get started.

In February, we published a grant proposal in the Optimism forum to onboard users from various backgrounds to DeFi options. At the time, we were building out the content and front-end for Premia Academy while working on the upcoming Premia Blue (V3) upgrade.

Shortly after, the proposal passed, providing Premia with ~200k OP tokens for onboarding new users to Optimism and DeFi options. In June, the Premia Academy was released, providing users with a platform for learning about DeFi options and the Premia platform.


In collaboration with Socket and Layer3, we’ve organized a gamified campaign that takes users through a questline of learning, bridging, and buying options. The Socket x Premia quest will be live for ~24 more hours, so check it out on Layer3 here.

The quest guides users through the following tasks:

  • Pass the “Optimism Recruit” course on the Premia Academy. Learn about Optimism, Socket, Premia, and options to obtain an NFT certificate.
  • Bridge to Optimism using the Socket bridge inside Premia’s dApp.
  • Buy an OP Call Option using Premia on Optimism.

During the campaign, Socket is offering additional bridging rebates through their separate OP Rush event. After the campaign comes to a conclusion, Premia will randomly choose 2000 eligible wallets that completed the quest to receive up to 15 OP tokens in premium rebates.

In Conclusion

With the Socket x Premia campaign, Premia hopes to foster a new wave of users to Optimism and DeFi options, while providing a landing pad for new users to learn about Optimism, Premia, Socket, and options in the Premia Academy.

In line with our mission of lending a helping hand to the next generation of DeFi natives, we look forward to collaborating with partner protocols and organizing similar events in the future.

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