PoolTogether Grant Update

The PoolTogether community has the PoolCollective which is actively participating in token house governance. You can delegate to their multi-sig: 0x3D2d722B443A5cAE8E41877BB7cD649f3650937C

The current user incentives are continuing until March 28. You can view this Dune Dashboard for insight into the ongoing OP Rewards.

A project building a gamified interface for the PoolTogether protocol on Optimism was funded with a small grant (9,500 OP, 50% distributed). I’m happy to share an update with a v1 of this very shortly.

Unrelated to the grant, I’m excited to share some open-source work that PoolTogether Inc has been doing for the Ethereum & Optimism ecosystem: ERC-5164: Cross-Chain Execution. It’s in the review stage and has undergone an audit contest with Code4rena.